Romance in the misty Highlands...

FREE NOVEL: Stealing the Highland Bride

A feud that lead to love, a love wounded by war...

Rhona was supposed to give birth to her first child with her husband by her side. When the noble Laird Iain Cameron is brutally killed by the sinister Murdoch Mackintosh, Rhona and her clan find themselves at his mercy. Filled with desire for her, Murdoch makes her his wife and claims her child as his own.

Stewart Mackintosh was forbidden to fall in love with his brother's wife. All he ever wanted, was for his clan to thrive and peace to be restored. Now he is losing himself to a woman he shouldn't desire. But to be with her, Stewart must make the ultimate sacrifice to save Rhona and the bloodline of Clan Cameron.

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Kenna Kendrick

My Story

Kenna Kendrick is an American based author of Historical Scottish Romance living in Austin Texas with her husband and three children. Her, more than 25-year-old, experience as an English Teacher has brought her close to the literary world, growing her love for fictional stories.

Her love for literature was also strong because of her father John, who used to write crime-stories. While she tried following on her father’s footsteps, a trip to Scotland sealed the deal, as she fell in love with the Celtic myths and the bleak Highlands.

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