Wrapped in his Highland Sins – Extended Epilogue


Two years later

“Edna! I think Tory is calling for you.” Ronin’s voice forced her to turn around and look at her husband and their two kids. Ronin was seated on the grass of the castle grounds with Tory and Tywin, their twin children, while Edna was taking a leisurely walk in the evening breeze. She turned around and walked to where they were sitting and noticed that Tory and Tywin were happily playing with one another and certainly did not need her.

“They look just fine tae me,” Edna replied, and Ronin quickly jerked her down to the ground. She landed on his lap, laughing, and looked at him with love in her eyes.

“Tory didn’t need you, but Tory’s father was missing you very, very much,” Ronin told her as he bent down to kiss her lips. Edna turned to face him completely and held his face lovingly in her hands while deepening the kiss with a fervent passion. Even after two years of marriage, they could never get enough of one another.

“Well, I do believe ye two have yer own bedchamber where ye can kiss one another as much as ye want.” Lachlan’s voice forced them to part and look at him. Edna laughed and moved from Ronin’s lap to sit beside him.
“Why do you always show up at such a bad time?” Ronin asked his friend, and Lachlan laughed good naturedly. Edna loved what these two men shared. Their friendship was a beautiful bond, and Edna enjoyed watching them playfully bicker and argue.

“Out of habit, my laird,” Lachlan said with a smirk and came to sit beside them.

Edna watched how he lovingly kissed both Tywin and Tory and started playing with them. She couldn’t help but feel grateful about the fact that her kids had all the love in the world and would have it forevermore. They had loving parents, Lachlan, and Edna’s mother. Edna did not know when she had gotten so lucky, but most of the time she felt like she had the world at her feet.

“My laird,” she looked up just as a guard showed up to them.

“Yes?” Ronin asked.

“There is a young miss who has shown up at the castle door and is asking for help. She says she is in trouble and needs tae speak with someone from the castle,” the guard explained, and Ronin turned to look at Edna with a confused expression.

“Ye two stay here. I will go and see what this is about,” Lachlan said and stood up at once to go. Neither Ronin nor Edna objected since they knew Lachlan would handle the matter with ease.

Once he was gone, Edna moved closer to Ronin and placed her head on his shoulder as they watched Tory and Tywin play with one another. Edna knew their life would never be a bed of roses. As laird and lady of the clan, they were going to face troubles all their life, but with Ronin beside her, life was always beautiful too. This was all she had ever wanted. This was what she finally had.

The End.

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  • What a tangled suspenseful web for Edna and Ronin and this reader! Kenna, you really kept me guessing, all the way to the resolution. Awesome outcome!

    • This means a lot, my dear Young at Heart! I’m trilled you loved the story and I’m so grateful for your kind words! ❤️

  • A convoluted tale of mixed babies, treachery, murder all for the sake of a woman crazed for power. Thankfully Ronin and Edna found HEA in spite of all.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, my beloved Linda! I hope you truly enjoyed it!❤️

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