Claimed by a Highland Beast – Extended Epilogue


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One month later

The feast to welcome Kenna and Eleanor into the Drummond Clan had been a success. Deirdre and Kian, however, had other things on their mind than the feast, though, and she had soon dragged Kian to their chambers while everyone else was too busy chatting or dancing to care.

Ripping off their clothes had been a matter of seconds, and Deirdre was now kissing him, the two of them lying in bed, rocking slowly against each other. She no longer had to remove his mask, which he had stopped wearing more and more in the past weeks, to the surprise and joy of all those who surrounded them .

Ever since Kian had mentioned children, Deirdre had been thinking about it all the time and now that she had some wine in her, she found it much easier and much less embarrassing to apply everything Kenna had taught her.

Flipping her hair aside, Deirdre pushed Kian onto his back and straddled his thighs. She was already eager, wetness gathering between her legs, her body craving him more than it craved air. Kian’s hands were everywhere, gripping her thighs, caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples to hardness as she threw her head back in pleasure, moaning his name.

“Ye’re feisty today,” Kian said, sounding amused, but also already out of breath, just as eager as Deirdre was.

“I want ye,” Deirdre said as she reached between them and took his length in her hand, stroking him slowly. “I simply couldnae wait anymore.”

Kian groaned as Deirdre pleasured him, her movements torturously slow, her thumb swiping over the head with every pump of her hand. Every time Kian thought she was about to take him inside her, Deirdre slowed down, smirking at him until he couldn’t take it any longer.

“Then let me have ye, lass,” he said. “Please.”

It was what Deirdre had been waiting for. Shifting her hips, she finally pressed the tip of his length against her, sinking down and taking Kian deep inside her. This new angle to her was intoxicating, and so was the fact that Deirdre was now in control. She planted her hands on Kian’s chest and rolled her hips slowly, taking him deeper and deeper until he was all the way inside her, so deep that Deirdre was certain she would still feel him the following day.

She wanted it. She wanted the sensation to linger for as long as possible, reminding her of the nights they spent together.

Curses tumbled out of Kian’s lips when she settled on top of him, followed by her name, spoken again and again. Deirdre began to roll her hips just like Kenna had shown her, her ample breasts swaying with every move. She drew her bottom lip between her teeth, small, breathy moans escaping her as she rode Kian, taking her pleasure from him greedily. Soon, she was bouncing on Kian’s lap, their moans intertwining and filling the room.

It didn’t take long for that familiar sensation to crawl down her spine, her sensitive flesh twitching around him. Kian, unable to control himself anymore, bucked his hips, pushing himself even deeper inside her, one of his hands reaching for her breast as the other curled around her hip, warm and solid against her. Then, the hand on her breast trailed down, his fingers leaving a scorching path on her skin until they settled over her most sensitive spot, his thumb teasing her in maddening circles.

It was all it took for Deirdre to scream Kian’s name and curl over him, his hand ripping her orgasm out of her. She was still shaking and moaning when Kian flipped them over, driving himself again and again into her as he chased his own peak, their foreheads pressed together as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

She opened up for him as he took her, her legs falling open, letting him thrust deeply inside her. Her hands found his hair, her fingers tangling in the golden strands, and she gave them a pull, just hard enough to sting.

“Deirdre!” Kian shouted as he stilled, emptying himself inside her. “I love ye.”

Deirdre stilled, too. It was the first time Kian had spoken those words to her and her chest was flooded with warmth. Kian kissed her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, scattering soft, tender, loving kisses anywhere he could reach.

Deirdre felt loved. She felt more loved than she ever had before, cradled safely in Kian’s arms. He had risked everything for her. He had put his life in danger for her, and Deirdre could hardly believe she was so lucky as to have a man like him by her side.

Kian peeled herself off her but he didn’t go far. He only settled next to her on the bed, gathering her in his arms once more and pressing a kiss to the top of her head. Deirdre curled up against him, letting him pet her shoulders, her back, the swell of her breasts. Soon, they would both be ready for a second round, but for now Deirdre was happy to bask in the moment, letting her eyes fall shut as she nuzzled Kian’s neck.

“I love ye too, Kian,” she said, smiling to herself. “I love ye so much.”

Though they had both been through a lot, Deirdre liked to think it had all been worth it. Without Shane and Balfour, the two of them would have never married. Besides, all that was in the past now and she had no reason to fear as long as Kian was with her.

For the entirety of her life, she had been used to living in the nunnery and had taken her role as a nun seriously. But now she thought this had always been the life she was meant to have with her friends and her family, with Kian and the children they would have.

Deirdre opened her eyes and looked at him, peaceful as he was in that moment, his mask long gone from his face, and she knew it was going to be a good life.

The End.

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