Reading Order

Here is my book list grouped in their respective series, and ordered in a series order that I believe you will enjoy!

The Mackintosh Clan

Scot of Temptation

Book #1 – Scot of Temptation

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Scot of Desire

Book #2 – Scot of Desire

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Scot of Seduction

Book #3 – Scot of Seduction

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Scot of Lust

Book #4 – Scot of Lust

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Scot of Devotion

Book #5 – Scot of Devotion

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Highlanders of Kirklinton

Hearts Aflame: Love in the MacPherson Castle

Sparks and Tartans: The MacKinnon Clan’s Romance

Tales of Love and Lust in the Murray Castle

Legends of Highland Ladies

Highlanders of Cherrythorn

English Roses of the Duart Castle

Deceitful Lassies

Sanctified Lasses of the Highlands

Lasses of the Kinnaird Castle

Defenders of the Highlands

Independent Books