In the Shadow of a Highland Lass (Preview)

Chapter I

Shana stepped back into the forest, her leather bag full of food and her hands braced to raise her bow and arrow again at the sight of anything suspicious. Or anything else suspicious. As if the sight of a handsome young man with a mysterious past appearing suddenly in the woods had not been suspicious enough. No one had noticed her at the village, grabbing as much food as she could find to bring to him, yet she could feel her heart beating in her throat as her boots crunched over the grass.

It was a strange thing to be bringing food to an unfamiliar young man who was not of her clan or her people. And yet, it had thrilled her with adventure. She would be the one to rescue this man from harm. Shana could hear doubts fluttering through her mind, pushing her to question her choices. She set her chin in defiance and narrowed her eyes as if planning to shoot the doubts down with her arrows.

Helping him had nothing to do with the fact that he was incredibly handsome, but more to do with the fact that he could be the way out of the forest, out of this life, and the way to help her find a new path in the world. She heard a stick crack, and she spun around, her arrow at the ready.

“Lass,” Logan whispered, moving out from behind the trees, and she lowered her weapon as she crept toward him, placing the bag in his hand. He took it with a smile and sat down as he burrowed into it. “Ye are an angel. A rescuer.”

Shana smirked. That was her title now; rescuer. She let the pride of it wash over her. In her time at the village, she had done nothing much except learn to farm, fight, and shoot her bow and arrow. But never had she ever been allowed to use any of her skills, except for the farming, of course. She frowned. How dull had her life really become?

“Sit, will ye nae?” Logan looked up at her, and for the first time, she could see that his eyes were green, the deep healthy green of a field of ready crops.

She suddenly felt a loss for words she had never felt before in her life. Boys had never done anything of that sort to her, but now with Logan’s green eyes on her, she suddenly felt her mind go blank. Instead of saying anything, she sat next to him, and her dark skirts flooded around her.

He grinned at her as he bit into his food, first choosing some dried meat and then bread and then fruit. She watched him eat with satisfaction, unable to take her eyes away from the sight. Now that she was closer to him, he really was quite beautiful, and she had gathered from books that handsome men were often dangerous to women. Even her mother and aunt would say that but would only laugh and never explain.

She wondered now if they hadn’t been right as she watched the smooth, tanned skin of his muscled throat as he swallowed and the way his arms bulged under his shirt where the sleeves had been rolled up.

For a second, she was curious if beautiful men were the cause of some sort of illness, for, with each passing moment, she was growing warmer and warmer. “Are ye dangerous, Logan?” she asked quickly and then immediately regretted her question.

Dangerous men would never admit they were dangerous. Just as murderers would never admit they were murderers. He still could be one.

Logan paused in his eating and swallowed. “I dinnae ken what ye mean, lass, but if ye mean to ye, then aye. If ye mean did I commit the crime I am runnin’ away from, then also aye. I am just a man who was wrongly accused.”

Shana pursed her lips in thought and narrowed her eyes at him. She drew her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, hoping the strange dizzy feeling would go away. “Tell me then. Tell me what has happened to ye.”

Logan put down his food and glanced at her. He was quiet for a moment as if he was deciding whether or not she could handle the news. Shana kept his gaze. It was time for people to start taking her seriously. She was twenty years old, after all. Her father wished her to stay a little girl, but it was time he knew that she no longer wanted to.

She breathed out with relief that he thought her worthy as he began. “The laird of me clan had a second-in-command named Allan. He died at a feast we were havin’ at the McIntosh castle. It was a good celebration, and everyone went tae bed quite merry, but I decided tae stay awake longer. I had things tae think over.”

Shana could see the sudden change in his expression. He looked suddenly tired and weighed down, and guessing that he was still quite young in years, the expression seemed oddly placed.

He took a breath and stared off further into the woods. “I left tae get to the highest part of the castle for a wee moment, just to get some air. Ye see, me wife died a week afore we were tae get married. Smallpox. It was over a year ago now, but it still feels raw tae me.” He looked at Shana, who felt her heart patter with sympathy at the sight of his earnest eyes.

Poor man.

He looked away again. “On me way back tae me own room, I heard somethin’ strange. Like fallin’. So I went tae see what it was, and I found Allan in one of the hallways, bleedin’ on the ground, attemptin’ tae make sounds.”

Shana exhaled with a rush. “What did ye do?”

“I had tae help him. Allan was a good man.” Logan’s face tightened, and his muscular jaw clenched. “He had always been kind to me family. I didnae want tae lose him. But there was nothin’ I could do. I tried. I really did. But…”

His voice trailed off, and Shana had the urge to reach out and touch his shoulder, to run her fingers along his sleeve to comfort him. She had never seen a man so weighed down by life and the world. He took another breath and started again. “So, I spoke tae him for a wee while, about home. About the way the hills would look in the evenin’ sun and about his family. I had pulled him into me arms, and so the blood was everywhere. Seein’ the way he suffered, I couldnae take it anymore. I took out me dirk, and I…I finished what someone else had started. It was the best I could do to save him.”

Shana was silent. So he had killed the man, but he claims it as a mercy killing? Can this be true?

She watched him closely. He was certainly honest-looking – how he spoke and how his face revealed all of his emotions. But her mother had always taught her never to be beholden to a man. Never let them trick her into doing something or believing something until the facts and the evidence are there.

Shana remembered asking her mother, Rose, about her father, Sean, and how she would deal with him. Still, her mother had merely laughed and smiled and got that dreamy look in her eye she always had when her mother talked about her rather infamous father. Her aunt, Isabelle, was no help either, still entirely besotted with Uncle Eamon, even though she could hear each couple arguing loudly every so often. She and her cousin, Orla, would merely roll their eyes and think that it was just their parents who acted this way.

“I see,” she said, still trying to summon suspicion. “What happened after that?”

Logan was looking at her again. She wished he would stop that for his eyes were disconcerting. They made her feel strange in her head and in her stomach, and she felt like she needed a clear, strong mind to ferret out the truth. She did want to explore the world on her own soon, and she could not fall prey to the wiles of one handsome man just at the start of her journey. Then she knew what her parents said about her not being ready for the world would be true.

“Well, a servant came and saw us together. Once he saw me covered in blood, he didnae wait for an explanation, and he ran around the castle yellin’ that Allan was dead and blamin’ me as he did so. People came tae look upon the scene, but nae one would believe me. Nae even me own men would come tae me aid. I had tae escape. I escaped out the window afore me men captured me and surely tae take me tae trial.”

Shana nodded along. She waited until he breathed out, finishing his speech. “So what is yer plan, lad? Where will ye go? And, why are English soldiers after ye if it is a Scottish man ye are presumed tae have killed?”

Logan pushed aside a blade of grass, turning and twisting it with his fingertips. “Ye ken that after Culloden, the English are continually involved in Highland matters. Me Laird has ties tae the Crown as well as his second-in-command. The English general that controls the nearest fort often uses the second-in-command for messages and the like. He kens much information, and from what I can gather. I believe they think he may have been tortured by me tae get that information, and then I will run away with it. Perhaps even sell it tae the highest bidder? And so ye find me here. I am off tae meet with me cousin, Caitria MacNair, at MacNair Keep. I think she will have some solutions for me and she can give me shelter for as long as I need.”

Shana started to feel her heart beating again with excitement. “Where is MacNair Keep?” she asked, and he frowned in her direction.


“I wondered how long yer journey was. Ye will most likely need provisions?” In her heart, she was thinking more of how jealous she was that he would get to leave and go off on a wild adventure while she was stuck with the Scots in their hideaway village, seeing the same people and doing the same things every day. Would it never end?

Logan smiled, and Shana felt that annoying tingle again. His sadness had left him, and his smile was bright. “I willnae tell ye where the keep is, for I dinnae wish anyone tae follow me trail here and find someone who could give away any information. ‘Tis safer that ye dinnae ken. But ye are right. I will need provisions. If ye can provide me them.”

Shana nodded, and his smile widened even further. “Thank ye, lass. As I said, ye are an angel.” He leaned forward, and Shana thought for a moment that he was attempting to stand up. She tried to do the same but was blocked by his body, and instead, she fell backward, grasping at him for balance. He fell on top of her, and she found herself lying flat on her back on the soft forest floor. Both her hands grasped the back of his arms as she stared into his stark, green eyes.

“Och,” she said softly. There was that feeling again. That loss for words. That swirling, fuzzy brain sort of feeling that was so strange to her. Perhaps he really was evil. Logan just watched her for a moment and didn’t move. Shana’s mind was filled with too many sensations at once; it was sending her into a flurry of feeling. Her lips opened slightly to catch more breath, for him looking at her like that made her breath come fast and quick.

Under her fingertips, she could feel the long lines of muscle on his arms, and between her legs, could feel his heat pressed against her. Logan smiled. “Sorry, lass,” he said, pulling away. Shana blinked at him as she sat up with her elbows in the grass.

She felt a new loss that she couldn’t quite describe. Perhaps she could explain it to Orla later. “Och, ‘tis nae trouble.” She brushed off her skirts and avoided eye contact with him, fearful he might trap her with his eyes again, and she could feel the heat on her cheeks.

Bloody Hell. She was meant to be a warrior, not like Orla, who giggled and batted her eyelids at any handsome young man that came her way. That was not her at all.

“I had meant tae do this.” He reached forward and grabbed her hand lightly in his strong, rough one. He brought it to his lips, and Shana nearly let a gasp free as he placed a kiss upon it, keeping his eyes on her. “Thank ye for yer help.”

Shana could feel herself brushing a bright red, and she was willing him to let go of her hand as soon as possible. She didn’t feel strong enough to pull away.

When he did, he leaned back as if nothing strange had happened and asked, “So, tell me of ye, lass. Why are ye so good with a bow and arrow?”

He was grinning again. She could feel it in the air, even if she wasn’t looking up at him. She suddenly snapped, hopeful that she could remove his grin and thus regain some sort of equilibrium. “Is it so surprisin’, lad? That I should be quick with a weapon?”

She raised one eyebrow and looked in his direction. She suddenly felt guilty at the return of his earnest look again. Clearing her throat to avoid thinking about the guilt, she said, “Me Ma is a warrior, and so is me Da. We have all been taught tae fight. As I said, this is a sort of secret village. Everyone must prepare for any situation.”

He nodded. “I ken. ‘Tis a good idea.”

A silence fell between them. Even though Shana wanted to ask more about his future adventures and what he might do, she stood up, continuing to busy herself with brushing off her skirts. “I will go and prepare the provisions.”

Logan nodded and then stood up himself, handing her back her leather pouch. “I thank ye for the food. And the conversation. It does get a wee bit lonely out here, ye ken.”

“Aye, I ken it very well.” She smiled back at him and began to walk away. He called out after her.

“Lass, ye didnae tell me yer name. Am I nae tae ken the name of me angel? Me rescuer?”

Shana closed her eyes, hating how good it felt to be called thus and for a second time. To finally be of some use. And it didn’t hurt that it was a beautiful young man who had been close enough to kiss her who had called her that. She turned back. “ ‘Tis Shana.”

“Shana,” he said with a smile. The way he said it made tingles travel all over her skin. “Lovely.”

She nodded and then said, “I will be back tomorrow mornin’.”

“Until then.” After his last words, Shana left the woods, and she did not look back, fearful of what she might say or do if she did so.

Back in the village, as she strode through the main lane to her and Orla’s houses, she bumped into Orla carrying a bucket of water. Shana grinned. “Och, I see it has taken ye long enough at the well, Orla. Has Robert been there again, attemptin’ tae woo ye with his poor attempts at poetry?

Orla blushed and put the bucket down, using her apron to wipe her hair from her face. Her very dark hair was damp from sweat. “Nae at all, cousin. I would never do somethin’ like that. He may have been present, but I was only listenin’ with half an ear.”

Shana laughed. Orla was always trying to pretend that she did not love the attention and that she had a sort of affection for Robert herself. “Ye dinnae fool me, cousin.” She walked forward and grabbed the other end of the bucket. “Even though ye attempt tae lie tae me, I shall still help ye carry the water.”

“How kind of ye, Shana.” Orla rolled her eyes, and it made Shana giggle. They waddled together, holding the heavy bucket between them until they reached the outside of Orla’s hut. Her Aunt Isabelle was there, tall and beautiful, her long dark hair in a braid that fell down her shoulder.

“Shana,” she said with a smile, wiping her hands on her apron. “Where were you this morning? Off working on your archery, I hope?”

Shana nodded. “Aye. Ye ken that is what takes up most of me time.”

“That or the library.”

Smiling, Shana helped Orla pour the water into a clay jug on a low stone wall. “When will I get tae use me skills, Aunt? I think I have struck about every tree trunk, small animal, and apple in the whole of Scots’ Village. When will me Da think that I am old enough tae leave this place and find me own life?”

Her voice sounded a little whinier than she’d wanted it to. She also did not want to turn around and look at Orla, her cousin, and best friend. More like a sister. Shana didn’t want to leave Orla, but if she was to make her own way in the world, and Orla did not wish to go, then that would have to be the way of it.

Isabelle sighed and shielded her eyes from the bright sun as she looked into Shana’s face. “I think the time will be soon, my dear. Do not rush him, but it will be soon. You are a woman now, after all.” She grinned back at Orla.

Orla whined, “Then why do our da’s never think that we are? They still treat us like children.”

Isabelle laughed, loud and clear. “It is the way of fathers and daughters. Just the same with mothers and sons, I can assure you.” She squeezed Shana’s arm. “Now, your ma is looking for you. Go home and think about what I said.”

Shana nodded but felt morose. Waving to her aunt and cousin, she left for her own hut, a decision building in her mind.


Chapter II

Logan moved his knife over the stick in his hand, shucking off the bark with each quick movement and watching it fall in a curled shape into the grass. His back was positioned against a tree trunk, and he felt like he had never been more bored in his life.

While at the clan with his men and his family, he had been a warrior. He had been able to fight for his people, provide safety, complete missions and duties for his laird, and now he was here. Waiting for a young lass to bring him food so that he could continue on his journey while going nearly mad with boredom in the middle of a strange forest.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the bark. He tried to put aside the rush of feelings that had come over him when he first spotted Shana. Her bow lifted up in the air, her eyes narrowed with focus, and her thumb touching her mouth.

That mouth. It was practically hypnotizing with its full, pink lips.  He predicted that she wasn’t much older than him, he being only twenty-three years of age. When she’d faced him, bow in hand and threatening his life, he’d almost laughed despite his desperate situation. Fiery was the way to describe her. Strong. Independent. But also innocent. It was a strange combination. He could see her youth and innocence in her eyes when he spoke of his past, and the way she had so heartily agreed to help him.

Strangely, she reminded him of Darla, who he had loved and lost before they’d had a chance to begin their lives together. She’d had dark hair, but her eyes had been light while Shana’s were impossibly dark. The pain of Darla’s loss was still real, but it was healing. That afternoon in the woods when Shana stepped into his view was the first time he’d looked at a woman with any other feeling besides friendship or indifference.

He wasn’t sure if he liked it and frowned as he continued to scrape and carve the wood, his little pile of curled wood shavings growing with each motion. He stopped for a moment and thought about his next moves. Would Caitria be able to help him as much as he hoped? Well, there was no one else.

She is me only family left.

Everyone had been taken from him over the years, and now the future looked bleak and lonely. It hadn’t looked so bad until he was found next to Allan, his very own dirk in Allan’s chest. Now, he had absolutely no one. Well, not no one. He had a fiery, brown-eyed lass who would surely shoot him as soon as look at him.

Did that count as someone?


The moon was bright that night, and Shana watched it through her window. She couldn’t sleep. The excitement of the day had been too much, and she couldn’t relax her mind enough to let it rest. She was thinking of Logan and what she wanted to ask him tomorrow once she brought him his supplies.

Taking a breath, she breathed out the words, “I want tae go with him.” There. She’d said it finally. The resolution had been knocking in her heart all day, and now it was out there, it felt good. It felt like she was finally free. She knew that her aunt and uncle nor her parents would ever agree to it, and so she had to take matters into her own hands.

Shana turned to the sound of footsteps, and she looked up to see Orla in her nightgown creeping towards her. Orla slid next to her on the bed and laid back with a smile. Since the houses were so close, the two girls often spent the night in each other’s homes, for they were continually surrounded by men, it seemed. The conversation about their hearts was their one solace.

“So, will ye tell me where ye were today?” Orla asked, putting her arms behind her head, bathed in moonlight.

Shana did the same, pulling away from the window. Orla always knew everything. “What makes ye think that I was somewhere? I told Aunt Isabelle that I was practicin’ me archery.”

Orla sighed. “I ken that ye were doin’ that. That is nae the part that I didnae believe. But I do think ye were leavin’ somethin’ out. When I saw ye earlier, ye were flushed, and yer eyes were bright as if ye’d just come back from somethin’ excitin’. Now, I say ye tell me what it is, or I shall have to tell yer ma and da that ye have a secret. Ye ken that yer da will nae let it rest.”

Shana groaned, and Orla giggled, shushing her. “Do ye want yer parents tae wake and hear yer secret? Tell me now!”

Shana sighed. “I met someone. In the woods.”

“Someone? Who?”

“I cannae say. I dinnae quite ken,” she lied. “But ‘tis a man.”

“A man?” Orla gasped and clutched onto Shana’s hand. “By God, if ye dinnae tell me everythin’ right now, then ye shall have Hell tae pay!”

Shana replied, “I was walkin’ on our path, and I found him there. He is hidin’. From somethin’. Ye must promise nae tae tell anyone about it!”

Orla tapped her heart. “I promise.”

“He needed food. I helped him. He will leave tomorrow once I bring him a bit more.”

“He is a man. A young man?”

Shana squirmed uncomfortably, not wanting to think about that pair of bright green eyes and long, reddish-brown hair. “Aye.”

“Just how young?” Orla’s voice held a joking tone, and Shana wanted to roll her eyes and be done with it.

“He is a little older than us, I would say. But nae by much.”

Orla grinned. Shana could sense it. “So, is he handsome?”

As quietly as she could, Shana groaned again. “Orla, ye ken that I dinnae like tae talk about idiot lads as much as ye do! They dinnae fill me mind so.”

“Och, but this one does. I can tell.” Orla poked Shana in the cheeks. “Even under the moonlight, ye are blushin’.”

Shana clutched Orla’s hand painfully until her cousin squealed and pulled away, scowling. “Fine,” Shana said. “He is handsome. Very handsome. But there is somethin’ else. Somethin’ I have decided.” Even though she was lying down, she still drew herself up a bit, hoping for some confidence. She wasn’t sure how Orla would react, knowing that her dear cousin and almost sister would be leaving her for who knew how long.

“What is it?” Orla turned to face her.

Shana took a long breath. “Orla. I have been wantin’ tae leave here for as long as I can remember. I cannae bear it anymore. The solitude. The nothin’ness. I want more.”

Orla nodded. “I ken it well. Ye were talkin’ tae me ma today about it. That also told me that somethin’ was wrong. Ye have nae talked about leavin’ for a little while. I thought that somethin’ else happened. I ken the feelin’, Shana. ‘Tis too isolated here.”

Shana nodded, and she was glad that Orla understood her feelings, but tears were still in her eyes. “Orla. I have tae go. And I have decided. When I bring the man his provisions tomorrow, I will ask him tae allow me tae go with him.”

“What? Are ye mad, Shana?” Orla’s eyes were wide, and the whites sparkled in the moonlight. “Ye dinnae even ken this man well at all. What if he is dangerous?”

He is dangerous. But in an entirely different way. I think.

“Orla, I ken. I have thought all about this since I spoke tae him earlier. This could be me only chance tae leave. Ye ken that me da will nae let me go until I am accompanied, most likely by a husband. I dinnae want that. I want tae go and see the world on me own.”

“Does the man even ken yet that ye want tae go with him? What if he doesnae let ye?”

Shana shook her head. “I will tell him tomorrow. And ye ken how persuasive I can be.” Shana tried to smile and push her cousin lovingly on the shoulder.

Orla frowned. “What about me? Ye will leave me here? What if I dinnae want this life?”

Orla’s voice was tremulous, and Shana’s heart nearly broke at the way she was hurting her cousin. “Ye could come too if ye like. We could explore the world taegether.”

Orla hesitated for a moment but then shook her head. “Nae, ye are stronger than me. Ye would do better than me out there in the world.”

Shana tried to smile again but found it even harder. “I will be back, ye ken. I would never choose tae leave ye forever. Ye must ken that.”

Orla nodded but looked unconvinced. “I think ye are right. Ye should go. Ye will never have peace or happiness until ye go. I will wait for ye here. Send word if ye can.”

Shana hugged Orla tightly. “Thank ye. In the mornin’, I will write a note, and I want ye tae wait tae give it tae the family until ye are certain that I have left and that there would be nae time enough for them tae come after me.”

Orla nodded again. “Ye promise, right? That ye will be back?

“I promise.” Sighing, Shana felt better and more at ease. She and Orla fell asleep, and Shana had a wonderful feeling that her life was just beginning.


The next morning, Logan woke up and rubbed the back of his neck. He was ready to sleep in a bed again. Normally when he traveled, he had all his provisions with him. But this time, he had nothing. And he wondered what Shana would bring him. His mood instantly lightened at the thought of seeing her once again.

It was a pity that they had to say goodbye, but that was life, was it not? A never-ending string of goodbyes? Groaning, he stood up and stretched, realizing that he needed a bath and a fresh set of clothes, but that would have to wait. His next stop would have to be at a secluded river where he could dunk himself into its cold depths and try to forget everything except getting to the keep.

He turned at the sound of crunching leaves and saw a smiling Shana walking towards him, her bow with her but this time not drawn. He smiled back at her like an idiot, but it had only been a natural reaction to seeing how bright and cheery she looked. As she stepped closer, he noticed a dimple in her right cheek. He shook his head.

Why am I noticin’ that?

“A good mornin’ tae ye, Logan.” She seemed a lot cheerier than the day before, and he found he was unable to react as quickly as he wanted. He was so surprised.

“And a good one tae ye, lass. Ye are lookin’ well.” He coughed and then said, “I mean well and happy.”

“So I am,” she said as she handed him the bag again as well as kept another bag for herself.

Shana’s eyes sparkle when she smiles. Damn. Why am I noticin’ things again? I am on the run! I have other things tae occupy me mind!

He took the bag from her and looked inside. “Lass,” he said as he looked up. “Ye have brought so much. How could ye afford tae do this? What generosity!” He grinned, and she looked almost a little bit proud as she stood in front of him her hands on her thin hips.

“Ye dinnae care to ask me why I am so happy?” Logan could feel his heart flutter at the freshness of the young beauty. Now that he was close and her face lifted in the sun, he could see freckles sprinkled lightly on the top of her cheeks.

Why had he not noticed it before when he had fallen over her, and her hands were touching his arms, their faces inches apart?

Och, that is right. Ye were more focused on her mouth and her eyes.

Logan groaned, and Shana jumped. “What is it?” she asked, her former bright expression switched to concern.

By God, I did that out loud.

Logan put out a hand. “Och, forgive me, lass. I was merely thinkin’ of somethin’. Go on then, tell me why ye are so happy.”

Shana’s eyes brightened, and despite their seemingly endless darkness, they sparkled. “I am happy because I had the most excellent idea.”

“And what is that?” He set the bag down and stood up again, crossing his arms.

“I had hoped that ye would let me go with ye.” She stood before him, grinning hopefully, and Logan frowned. There was no way he could risk his life, and the life of someone else’s by including Shana in his escape.

“Och, nae, I dinnae think that is a good idea, lass.”

Shana’s eyebrows knit together, and there was a slight crinkle in her forehead. “What do ye mean? Why nae?”

“Because I have tae run. I have dangerous people after me, ready tae take me tae the hangman’s noose. Why on earth should ye wish tae go with me?”

Shana stepped forward and gripped his arm. “Because I am stuck in this place, and I have nae other way of gettin’ out. I need tae leave. I have had me share of hidin’.”

Logan scoffed. “And ye think that comin’ with me will be the answer tae all yer problems? But where will ye go? What will ye do?”

Shana chewed on her lip, and he could see indecision mixed with desperation on her face. “I dinnae ken. But ye will give me a start. Once I see the outside world, I can choose next what is best for me. And I can fight. I have told ye already of me quickness with a bow. I will show ye if ye like.”

Before he could protest, Shana had her bow out and at the ready. She turned to the left and aimed at a hanging apple on a tree. The bow twanged, and the arrow shot straight through the apple, sending bits raining down onto the forest floor. It all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.

Logan lifted an eyebrow and turned back to her. “That is impressive, lass, but ye dinnae seem tae understand the kind of danger that I am in. We are bein’ pursued by Her Majesty’s army. They will stop at nothin’ tae find me. What if ye become mixed up in their danger?”

Shana shook her head. “I will leave then. I just need ye tae help me a little. Teach me a few things about the world.”

Logan looked confused.

“I ken that it sounds strange, but I tell ye that I have never left this village in me twenty years.”

Twenty. So only a couple years younger than I.

His mind was wandering again, and he should focus. He could not possibly risk-taking Shana with him, but in some ways, he could feel something niggling in the back of his mind. Shana might be a very nice addition. He felt a kinship with her he hadn’t felt in a long time. And she was right. She could fight if necessary.

Logan watched her for a moment. Her eyes were wide, and she was waiting, hopeful. She was the most beautiful thing he’d seen in a very long while. “Fine. I am in agreement.” Even though he could see Shana’s worried face break out into a becoming smile, he wasn’t sure if he had just sealed his fate. And in more ways than one.

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