Scot of Devotion – Bonus Scene

Dear, Beloved Evander,

‘Tis with a heavy heart that I write this tae ye, fer I ken nae when we will see each other again. A formal feud has been declared against me clan by Clan MacDonell, and already now word has come that warriors o’ this clan are marching against our home.

‘Tis me faither’s will that me braither Killian and I shall be sent away from here, fer the safety o’ our clan’s future. Killian, o’ course, is his heir, and I deem it likely me faither kens that Killian wouldnae consent tae be sent from the field o’ battle unless it were fer the duty o’ keeping watch over me.

I understand me faither’s reasons, fer he cannae have either o’ his blood used as hostages, and yet, I am sore aggrieved, fer there is nae way o’ kenning how long this feud will last, nor how long me braither and I will be kept away. I wish tae believe it will only be a short time, but as ye and I both ken full well, feuds dinnae start or end lightly. And so, it might be months, even years, afore I see MacPherson Keep again.

And how much longer still afore there’s any chance o’ seeing ye? Certain sure, even if the feud were tae end, at least formally, within a fortnight, ‘twould be much longer afore me faither would permit me tae be wondering around the hills and lochs as we’ve done thus far.

I ken ye’ve sent a formal betrothal request tae him, but with a feud now spoken against us, I dinnae ken if yer kinfolk will wish tae continue extending the offer. I ken yer folk are honorable and strong, but they may nae want tae be brought intae a feud, and they would be, if we were tae be married. Honor as kin-by-marriage would demand it.

Likewise, I ken that even if yer clan is willing tae permit yerselves tae be caught up in our strife, me faither will have little or nae time tae be considering a suit. He’s nae likely tae spare the time and attention fer yer request, nae with Clan MacDonell marching on his doorstep. Nay more would he listen tae me if I were tae try and persuade him that giving me hand tae yers in betrothal would keep me safer than sending me away.

I dinnae want tae be parted from ye – nae fer a day, and certainly nae fer months or years. And that is why I write this letter tae ye, me beloved Evander. That ye may find me, if yer love is strong enough that ye’re willing to brave the dangers o’ the feud and the possible displeasure o’ two lairds – yer faither and my own – tae be taegether with me.

Will ye seek me? If ye choose tae dae so, I will be with me maither’s sister, Ava’s mother, and her husband. Ye’ll find me waiting fer ye, and we can cement our betrothal then, and be married as soon as we have the consent o’ both our lairds – when the feud is over, if nae afore then. After all, once engaged, ‘twill nae matter if the wait is long or short, fer we will be taegether and promised tae each other.

On the other hand, if ye willnae seek me and risk the ire o’ yer faither, or the danger o’ bringing yer clan into the quarrel which may yet consume Clan MacPherson, then I will understand. But if that is the case – if yer love cannae stand against yer loyalty tae yer faither, or yer consideration fer yer clan – then I pray ye, dinnae tell me so. Dinnae respond tae this missive, me love, and let silence be yer answer. Silence and the distance between us, fer I cannae bear the thought o’ reading a rejection penned by yer hand.

I am sorry tae ask so much o’ ye, but what then is love, but asking and giving fer the sake o’ another? I love ye, and I wouldnae be parted from ye, and if ye love me as well, then ye’ll understand.

This letter shall reach ye through me faither, but it is best tae address all others tae me through me aunt, fer it is she who will be me guardian. Also, me faither doesnae need any more distractions.

I pray tae hear from ye soon, or better still, tae see ye at me aunt’s door.

All me love tae ye,


  • A lengthy letter written in a very short period of time. Question: Why would May trust her father to send this letter knowing his distain for her & in the middle of a feud? Even before reading this story, it’s obvious what will happen.

    • I agree with you Carol. And to say silence will be her answer? Makes for the end of the story for sure, but would not have been realistic now, let alone during that time.

  • Poor May. She’s so trusting and hopeful for her future. It will be interesting to see her journey into her future.

  • Ok .. ok… Ok!!! Is there absolutely any way, after that letter, that I would NOT read on??? Please leave a message on voicemail, because I’ll be occupied spending some time with Ms. Mckenna…

  • Dear Kenna, I’m really not that impressed with her letter to Evander. It was to be a quick missive to let him know what was going on and she’s rambling. To believe her father would deliver it in the first place seems to be far fetched after his response to her even mentioning them.
    Well, back to the book. There’s a couple of snafus in general but that will get covered in the review. Thanks for the bonus. 😉

  • It seems ridiculous that she’d entrust the letter to Evander to her father. Nevertheless, what choice did she have? She had to move quickly. Because of her love for Evander, she had to hope against hope that her father would grant her one wish.

  • Since she said where she was to be sent, why would her father send it with the potential of it getting into the wrong hands???

  • Why didn’t Evander make his presence know when they were leaving? Then there would be no need for the letter …. But then the story would have taken a different turn. ????

  • Thanks for the extra I nfo. I don’t see why she gave letter tomfatjer. Should have done it herself

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