Seduced by Highland Lies – Extended Epilogue


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Four months later

“Damn it!” Kai yelled as Cory and his horse slipped just a little past him on the road, winning the brief race they’d just decided to engage in, after a quick patrol around the forests.

Cory laughed, his eyes bright, and his face happy. He’d just become a father, and he and Helen, unable to contain their joy had come to stay at McLaren Castle for a time.

“Ye let me win, right?” Cory asked, patting his chest as he breathed hard.

“I would love tae say that was true,” Kai replied, “but I’m afraid nae. Bloody Hell, I have nae raced anyone in a long time. It feels good, even though I lost.” He grinned at his happy friend, and they slowed to a trot.

“So, it seems that there are nay traces of Clan MacFarlane fer now.”

“Nay, but I will nae hold me breath. There is somethin’ strange about that. Just like Cecily had a dark feelin’ that somethin’ was nae yet finished, so dae I. They wouldnae have attacked fer nae reason. There must be some reason. And I’ve sent messages but heard nae reply. I daenae want tae send men without meself, and I daenae want tae leave the castle. Nae so early on, with Cecily with me.”

“Aye, I understand ye completely, lad. And so ye should stay with yer woman.” The castle loomed in the distance, and Kai realized that he was even happier now, eight months after meeting Cecily.

Each passing day was better with her next to him, and he and his brothers were repairing the darkness that had been sewn into them. It was no longer a castle of grief but of laughter and happiness and hope.

“We are brothers now, in a way, ye ken.” Cory grinned, “marryin’ sisters as we did.”

“So we are. I like that. And does Helen share Cecily’s temper?” Kai whistled low. “I have never seen the like, especially now that she feels comfortable and strong. The woman is fire in the body of an angel.”

Cory laughed loudly, and he nodded. “Aye, I couldnae have said it better meself. Helen is just the same, and at the same time, she kens how tae hoodwink me. Sometimes, I find meself in the middle of an agreement, and I daenae bloody ken how I got there.”

Grinning, Kai agreed. Cecily had come into her own in their time together. She was now shrinking violet or wilting lily as William used to call her. She was powerful, independent, fierce, and unafraid to speak her mind. She was everything she thought she never could have been: the perfect Highland lady to a Highland laird.

They left their horses at the stables and walked up to the castle. “I can tell ye that Helen will thank ye for forcin’ me tae ride with ye. Now that the bairn is here, I can hardly stay away from them, worryin’ about everythin’ and makin’ sure that all is well. She’s had tae ask me tae leave a number of times when I get too protective.”

“Aye, but that is the way of it, I’m sure,” Kai said, patting his hand on Cory’s shoulder.

He could see the warmth of fatherly love in his friend’s eyes, and he wondered if he and Cecily would ever have the experience. There had been more lovemaking in the whole of his life in the past seven months, but no bairn yet, at least not to his knowledge. He did like their time alone together, however, for there would be plenty of time for bairns.

In the hall, they found the women, and the young Hamish in Helen’s arms. Cory hurried up to his wife and son, kissing each of them, while Cecily came to hug Kai.

“Anything?” she asked, and he knew what she meant.

“Nay. But we will keep the patrols. They may be waitin’ fer us tae get tired of daein’ it or perhaps feelin’ secure. Then they may attack again.”

She frowned. “Could it be possible that William had paid them to attack?”

“Could an earl have that much money at his disposal tae attack a clan just tae get at ye?”

She shook her head. “He may, but I doubt he would have used it for that, you are right.” She took his hand and led him to sit with the others. “I just hope that we can figure out what they wanted or want now.”

She leaned against him as they watched Cory take the babe in arms, and Helen sighed. “You are so kind to let us stay with you again. I know it feels as though we were just here.”

“Please! You are welcome at any time, and I hope you will come whenever you like!”

“Well, the same goes to the both of you,” Helen said, gazing at her son and husband together with a bright look in her eye. “Not that a castle with a squawking babe is something people want to come and visit.”

Cory chuckled, and Kai smiled. “Of course, we will.”

However, they all knew that they couldn’t leave until the matter was resolved with Clan MacFarlane. It was enough to drive any man mad, and Kai was glad that Cecily was not yet with child, for he wanted nothing to get in the way of their happiness or her safety. And even though months had passed, the both of them still feared this uncertain joy they were finding together. As if it might pop like a bubble at any time.

Sensing his thoughts, he felt Cecily squeeze and then kiss his hand, and he turned his mind to happier things.
“So, should I tell ye that Kai lost tae me race today?” Cory said, and the women gasped.

“It can’t be true!” Cecily laughed, and Kai rolled his eyes. “I thought he was the better horseman.”

“It seems fatherhood has given me extra strength.” Cory waggled his brows and leaned over to kiss Helen.

“Just ye wait, lad. I will wallop ye again soon.”

“Perhaps when ye have become a father, when yer strength doubles.” Cory winked, and Kai smiled at Cecily.

“Perhaps then.”


Cecily had not spent too much time thinking about children with Kai. She was happy enough with her new life, filled with joy and peace and love. She had found a partner she adored with all her heart, and who loved her back, and her home was a beautiful one. She was safe from her wicked relative, and her sister lived in the same country. This was everything she could have wished for. But seeing the love that Cory and Helen shared, even stronger after the birth of their son, Cecily wondered if she might like that as well.

In all fairness, she was a bit surprised that she had not fallen with child yet. For she and Kai had been making love more than she thought a married couple ever would. Eventually they bid goodnight to Helen and Cory, and she took Kai’s hand as he led her to the new chamber they now shared together. It was now upstairs, far away from the study, for Kai said he did not wish to make his life about the clan but rather about her first. It had made her feel special and loved, but she did wonder, did he wish for more? Was he now desperate for that heir that the clan had been so concerned about?

As soon as they entered the chamber, Kai pulled her close and kissed her. “Ye were thoughtful at dinner, lass.”
“I suppose I was.” She smiled up at her bear-like husband, her arms looped about his neck.

“I ken that look,” he said with a wicked tilt of his lips, and his hands reached around her to push her closer before they spread down to her buttocks and squeezed.

She let out a little gasp, breathless every time when Kai touched her, and he chuckled.

“So simple, lass, tae melt ye like butter in me arms.”

She blushed brightly. “Well then I will try my best not to react so strongly,” she said, pulling out of his arms, but he held her elbows.

“Dinnae dare, love.” He pulled her close, as she furrowed her brow at him with indignance, and he kissed her.

Yet again, his kiss had power, and she was sinking into him once more, loving the feel of his fingers as he splayed them over her back, her buttocks, her breasts.

“Me angel,” he said, kissing down her neck as he pushed her towards the bed. “I think ye the best of women.”

Cecily smiled as he nipped and licked her and then he spun her around to help her out of her gown. It seconds, it seemed, she was naked and gasping, as Kai kissed down her leg, spreading her wide for his enjoyment. His thumb brushed against her center before his mouth took its place. He licked and suckled, watching her every movement. She could not look away either, loving him and that very moment, craving him and his touch. It did not take her long to come, her pleasure peaking in his mouth.

Breathless, she watched with a flutter in her belly as her husband rose over her, his gaze both hungry and affection. “The most beautiful thing in the world is when ye come, lass. I can never get enough of it.”

She let out a shaky smile, and then she pulled him close for a kiss, wanting to feel him all over her skin, longing to remember and to savor the beautiful life they had together. Their kiss was both tender and heated, and his large hand spread her thighs as he settled between them. Lifting her thighs up and around his waist, Kai groaned as he inserted his shaft into her, thrusting until he was fully in.

“I love ye, Cecily. Even more than the first time I realized.”

She nodded, looking at where their bodies were joined, and pleasure swam through her, making her dizzy. “Yes,” she let out on a sigh as the rhythm became faster.

He lifted her even higher, and she whispered his name as he slid even deeper, stroking inside her again and again, making her muscles weak.

He then leaned over her, his face against hers, whispering things in Gaelic as his pace quickened. Her fingers pressed and scratched along his back, and then she broke apart again, his name on her lips.

He groaned and shook, after a few more thrusts, and then he lay atop her for a few moments while she clung to him.

Their skin was slick with sweat, and she kissed his neck, letting out a whisper, “I love you too.”

When he pulled off her, he took her waist and drew her close. “I have been wantin’ tae ask ye somethin’, lass,” he said in a soft voice.

“Oh?” The flutter of nerves returned. “What is it?”

“I ken we have nay discussed it much or rushed it, and we have certainly been makin’ an effort tae dae so, but I wanted tae ask ye. We can see the happiness Helen and Cory have with their new son. Would ye like tae have one someday?”

Cecily turned in his arms, surprise rushing through her, as if he had read her thoughts earlier. “You are right that I have seen their happiness. And I know that the council is worried about you having an heir.”

He held up a hand. “Dinnae worry about that,” he said with a furrowed brow. “I only wanted tae ask what ye wanted.”

His fingertips stroked her cheek, and in that moment, Cecily felt more loved than she ever had been. “Yes, I would like one or more, if it works out that way. But I thank you, Kai, for not rushing me. I am so used to worrying about being a disappointment that I cannot simply relax and enjoy life.”

He kissed her palm that she’d reached up to touch his cheek with. “Never. Ye must enjoy what we have while we have it. And the heir is only something that will come if it happens. I want ye, me greatest love, tae be happy first. And of course, I will happily thrust meself intae the task of helpin’ tae make one.”

He moved a little against her, and she giggled, feeling him already hardening again. “It seems you are ready already.”

“For ye, me angel, always.”

The End.

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