The Stolen Highland Kiss – Extended Epilogue


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Even a character, a scene, or anything that you enjoyed.

A few weeks later

“Could ye two have made me wait any longer tae have me bride?” Torion grumbled to Kai as they stood in the front of the small chapel in the castle.

Both Kai and Rae stifled chuckles. “It was nae me idea, but Cecily’s. She wants tae keep Adelaide safe, and she feels a responsibility towards her, after all that has passed.”

“Aye, but surely she can see how much I love the woman. I’ve gone bloody mad fer her.”

“Aye, that is true,” Rae agreed, and Torion threw him a dark look, making his cheerful brother laugh all the more.

“Soon it will be yer turn, Rae,” Torion said, and this time, Kai laughed.

“Och, I think the three of us are cursed tae love strong women so much we can barely see straight.”

“Nae me, surely,” Rae complained. “As if ye think that I could settle down.”

Torion’s lips twitched as he stared out at the full chapel. His little brother didn’t know of how love could sneak up on a person. It was full of close friends and servants, even the men of the Council were there, looking pleased that yet another McLaren man was marrying an English woman.

It will strengthen things,” one of the old men had told him, but Torion had merely scoffed at him. He would marry Adelaide no matter where she hailed from.

His hands were sweating, and he pulled on his coat, as well as the tartan over it. This was a big moment for him, a moment he had never thought possible. He stared at the chapel doors, awaiting his bride.

Kai touched his arm. “I was just as nervous as ye, when we were married again, lad. Dinnae worry, though. Ye are makin’ the right decision. She is a good woman through and through, although I did have tae question her mind seein’ as how much love comes out of her eyes when she stares at ye.”

Torion elbowed him in the chest, but his heart swelled, and his skin heated a bit. He looked at her just the same way, and he couldn’t believe just how lucky he was.

The doors opened, and then she was there, dressed in a dark, beautiful green, a McLaren tartan laid over one shoulder, clasped with a brooch, and thistles in her hand. His mouth fell open as she walked toward him, her hand in Cillian’s arm.

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, her golden curls half-pinned up, the other half laying across her shoulders. She smiled more, the closer she got, her lovely green eyes looking even brighter as she finally stood in front of him, his hands reaching out for hers.

The minister began, but he could hardly hear him over the pounding of his heart in his ears. She, this woman with such a heart of compassion and kindness and love, a woman full of fire and passion, was marrying him. She loved him! He pondered that thought until the minister asked him to repeat his vows.

He watched Adelaide’s mouth as she did the same, and their hands were bound, tying them together for eternity. Then it was over. He had to be nudged by Kai, and then he realized that the minister had told him to kiss her. A little chuckle rippled over the small crowd, and he leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers. When she placed her hands on his cheeks, his whole body relaxed. This was so right, and he couldn’t wait to begin this new life.

It was time for the feast. He took her hand, and they left the chapel, people clapping and smiling at them as they went. When they reached the hall, the feast was prepared, and the room filled with eager guests and villagers. He quietly led Adelaide to a table, and when he sat down next to her, he drew her hand to his lips.

“Are ye happy, me love?” he asked.

“I do not think you know how happy I am, husband.”

He beamed. “Ye are happy tae live here in Scotland?”

“Aye,” she said with a wink, and then she leaned over to kiss his cheek. “I will live anywhere that you live. You have given me a future, my love, and you have forgiven my past.” Her eyes flicked to Cillian, who had a drink in his hand and was smiling as he spoke to a young lady. “You are everything to me.”

“Then let’s get the bloody hell out of here,” Torion said grumpily, annoyed when the music began, and the room filled even more, food started to be served.

She chuckled, waving to someone as she tapped his hand. “Good things come to those who wait. So, Cecily tells me.”

“Och, the lass who has been thwartin’ me at every turn?” he asked, and she laughed again.

“I rather enjoyed it myself.” Adelaide turned to him, stroking a finger down his cheek, making him shiver. “I liked to see you want me just as much as I want you.”

He sighed and kissed her. “Well, you will be seein’ that forever, Adelaide.”

“I hope so.”


Adelaide wasn’t sure if she’d ever laughed as much as she had at her wedding feast. She had met practically every villager in the nearby villages, it seemed, and she’d finally spent time with Cecily’s sister Helen and her husband, Cory, who lived not far away. Rae had danced with her time and time again until Torion grumbled with jealousy, after which he had danced with her too. They had even invited Mae and her father, and she spent time regaling them with all the tales of their adventures. Cillian seemed happy and spoke to people, but he did keep to the shadows.

He looked better every day, and she knew that he would cause quite a ruckus when he went to England to claim the title as the new, young, and very handsome Earl of Seton. The McLaren brothers had forgiven him, but she knew it would take time for all wounds to heal over.

By the end of the feast, her belly was full, her limbs were warm from perhaps too much wine, and her smile was ever-present. They were saying their goodbyes, and Torion was clasping her hand, pulling to bring her up to bed.

“Perhaps one day we will get a house near the castle, if ye like,” he told her as they walked slowly down the passageway.

“The castle is surely big enough for all of us for now,” she told him, leaning her head against his shoulder and yawning.

“Dinnae say that ye are tired, me love,” he said in a faux, warning tone.

“I am tired but in only the best way. I have never had so much… life surrounding me, Torion. My burden is lost, and I am simply me. I have so much love around me that I don’t know what to do with it.”

They entered his room, and he shut the door behind them. She stopped speaking when she saw a beautiful sight before her. The room was covered with candles from the desk to the washing table to the trunk. They were encased in glass, so they would not fall over. The bed was massive, covered in furs, and a fire was in the hearth. Someone must have put a spiced log on the fire, for the room smelled warm and happy and sweet.

“Torion, I—”

She spun around and found herself in his arms. He smiled down at her, looking so handsome, it hurt. His dark eyes flashed, full of love.

“Dae ye like it?”

“Yes. I love it.” She leaned up on her tiptoes to kiss him.

“Come with me, then,” he said, leading her to the edge of the bed where he began to unpin the tartan and untie the laces of her bodice.

She let him, using her own hands to remove his tartan and jacket. They worked in silence until they were bare before one another. With a grin, he leaned down to kiss her shoulders and then her breasts. When he pulled one taut nipple into his mouth, she gasped, her fingers curling in his hair.

“Damn it, woman, how have ye have kept such perfect breasts from me? I saw them that one day in the tub, and I have thought of little else since.”

“We were imprisoned afterward! And you had to fight a battle!”

He picked her up and laid her on the bed, his body crawling over hers. “Aye, and yet these breasts were never too far from me mind.” He lowered his head again to lay more kisses upon them before he descended further, to kiss the place that ached most for him.

“Torion,” she breathed, and she pulled on him to rise back over her. “I want you,” she whispered, and he placed his hips between her legs.

“And I ye,” he said. “I ken we have already been together a few times, but it has been some weeks since I’ve had ye last.” He winked as he held himself above her. “It will be fast, but then the next time, I want it tae take longer.”

“We have a lifetime for that, Torion,” she said, lifting her legs to wrap around his waist, making his eyes widen. “But now, I want this.”

“And here I thought ye a frightened flower, without an ounce of boldness.”

“Oh!” she gasped with fake outrage. “And I thought you cold as ice.”

When he slid inside her, they both let out a moan of pleasure, and she shuddered a little in his arms. He grinned, caging her with his arms and beginning to move his hips.

“Is that true? Did ye think me cold?”

“Yes,” she managed to stammer, the pleasure already growing inside her.

“And what dae ye think now?” he breathed, kissing her cheek, and flicking a tongue against her ear.

“That ye are the best man I know and as hot as fire.”

That spurred Torion on, and she wrapped her legs tighter as he plunged deeper and harder, getting to the heart of her. She let go then, yelling out his name as her pleasure came, and she shook beneath him. When he came with a roar, he held tight, thrusting once more into her before he relaxed, and he stayed where he was, looking down at her. He laid a soft kiss on her lips before he slid to the side.

When she was recovered, she said, “I know the nickname you have for me.”

“Och, dae ye?”

“Yes. You said it to me weeks ago, but you have not said it since. Why on earth are you calling me trouble?” she asked.

He laughed, his chest rumbling against her back as he pulled her close, kissing her shoulder. “I call ye trouble because ye came in and destroyed everythin’ I thought I had built, with one kiss.”

“But you make it sound bad.”

“Nay, love. I needed it. Ye are the best kind of trouble, and I wouldnae trade anythin’ we’ve had for the world.”

“I suppose I ought to have a nickname for you. Perhaps Smug or Brute.”

He laughed again. “Ye see? Ye’re bloody trouble.” She wriggled against him, and he groaned. “Just what I meant. Dinnae dae that, if ye daenae wish me tae take ye again soon.”

“This?” She wriggled again, and then turned in his arms. “If I am to be named thusly, then I plan on being troublesome for the rest of our lives.” She pressed a hand to his cheek.

“Good, trioblaid.” He turned to kiss her palm. “Good.”

The End.

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