Seduced by the Highlander’s Kiss – Extended Epilogue


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Three months later…

Étaín was excited as she stared out the window of the carriage as it bustled through the Highlands. It had been three long months of preparations, but finally she and Bhaltair were on their way to MacThomas lands before they traveled on to Baird lands in the Lowlands. They were to go to see his brother Tristan first, after he had sent a letter asking for a visit. He had heard that Bhaltair was to become Laird Baird, and he wanted to see him, and Étaín knew that Bhaltair was nervous. He was to be the Laird of Clan Baird, and she was to be his lady. Sometimes at night she repeated it to herself, and sometimes she had to say it to Elspeth to really believe that it was true.

“Ye deserve it, lass,” Elspeth had told her, tears in her eyes at their departure.

Étaín had invited her to come, asking if she would, but Elspeth and Angus were to be wed. There was a tearful goodbye that created an ache in Étaín’s chest. But it was a pleasant ache of love and friendship. She would return home from time to time, and she was so very glad for Elspeth’s happiness. She gasped lightly at the sight of the beauty of the rolling hills. As Lady Baird, she would miss her Highland home, and she wanted to soak in every last bit of it before it left. She finally felt as if her life was going somewhere. There was some direction, a plan. She was no longer sitting around feeling sad and sorry for herself, acting as her brother’s hostess. She now had a new home to go to, a home that she would lead.

“Tell me what ye are thinkin’ of, Étaín,” Bhaltair said from across the way in the carriage.

She turned to look at him and he was sitting, his hands folded on his lap, smiling at her. Grinning back at him, she turned to face him fully.

She said, “I was just thinking that ye look more handsome every day that passes.”

“Is that so?” he asked, leaning forward, a mischievous look on his face.

She leaned forward to touch a hand to his cheek and feel the harshness of his beard under her palm. She had not been lying; it was true. It was not simply every day, but every time she turned back to look at him. The sight of him grew more and more welcome, and it made her happier and happier each time.

“Aye.” She grinned as she looked into his eyes and then down at his mouth.

His hair had grown longer as well, but he kept it firmly tied back. He, Marcus and Kaden had been training for the past three months, and Bhaltair was like a different person. He no longer remembered his old injuries or his old fatigue, and that weight she’d first seen on his shoulders when he had come back into their lives was gone now. There was only clear happiness in his eyes.

“Well, then I should say the same fer ye, Étaín. Ye are like me bright star, and ye guide me home.”

Étaín felt a tightness in her chest. It was strange. How did some people not find such a love? She felt so happy, so grateful, and she now fully understood Líadan’s happiness with her husband. She wished it for everyone.

“Dae I now?” She asked with a mischievous look on her own face.

And even as the carriage rumbled along, she pulled up her skirts and moved across the carriage until she straddled him, her knees on either side of his hips.

She put her hands on his shoulders, and he turned his face up to her, looking a little surprised but pleased as well, and his smile widened.

“Aye,” he said, his hands sliding up her skirts and gripping her backside, roughly pulling a gasp out of her mouth.

Her smile faded, and she leaned down to kiss him. Their kiss was instantly deep and passionate, and it made her wet far faster than she’d expected. But he pulled away roughly, and he stared at her.

In a hoarse voice, he said, “Get those lovely breasts out fer me.”

He held her skirts up while she pulled at the ties of her bodice, her eyes not leaving his. She watched the hungry look in his gaze once her breasts were bare to him with eagerness. Even though he gripped her buttocks painfully hard, pressing his length against her, he nestled his face in between her breasts gently before he kissed along one and then pulled a nipple into his mouth.

“Bhaltair,” she breathed as he suckled against her, and her hands moved into his hair.

She leaned her head back, forgetting where they were for the moment, as her body was lost in pleasure.

“God in Heaven,” he said, turning to the other breast and giving it the same treatment, his tongue swirling around the hardened nipple. “I never am satisfied, me love, whenever I am with ye, I want more.”

She whimpered at the feel of the ache between her thighs, and when he rubbed his length against her, moving his hips upward, she cried out.

“Please,” she begged him, and he smiled against her mouth as he kissed her.

It only took a few moments for him to free himself, and then he was pressing into her, his hands on her hips, his eyes looking into hers. She was breathing hard, staring down at him. Every time they made love, it was better. There was something new to discover, some new realization, some new feeling, but every time the same feeling of gratitude and happiness washed over her. This was what she had desired for so long, and now they were one in every sense of the word.

She moved up and down his length, but he set the rhythm, his hands tight on her hips as he moved her body the way he wished. Her hands traveled from his shoulders and up his neck to his face again. And then as the pleasure grew, she threw her head back once more, crying out into the carriage, knowing she could be as loud as she wished.

Bhaltair started grunting as his thrusts grew harder. “Come fer me, love,” he told her roughly, and then he moved a hand between them, licking his thumb before he rubbed it against her. And then she came, loudly and quickly, shocked at her release. It shot warmth through her veins and every muscle relaxed. She shook on top of him, leaning forward, her forehead on his shoulders. It was as if she could not control her own body anymore. He thrust into her three more times before he held her tight, shaking and cursing aloud.

They sat like that for a little while, and then, when she pulled back, they were both smiling. “I love ye,” she told him.

“I love ye, and I cannae believe I married a woman who would let me bed her inside a carriage.”

“I would let ye bed me anywhere, Bhaltair.”

He winked at her. “I will remember that.”


Bhaltair, of course, loved making love to his wife at any moment in the day, but he was especially glad in that moment for there was a lot of nervous tension in his body. He was about to see his brother after five long years, and whom he knew did not care for him. It was rather out of politeness than anything else. And he was grateful for Étaín’s company as they rumbled along, closer and closer to MacThomas lands, lands he had once called home.

But now there was no home there for him any longer. It had not been home for many long years. He wondered what he would say to his brother, what he would ask him, what he would tell him. He wondered what his brother would say back to him. Why on earth did his brother wish to see him?

The closer they got, the more tension he felt in his body, and Étaín brushed a hand against his arm. “All will be well,” she told him, and then she leaned against his shoulder.

When the carriage finally stopped, he took a deep breath, ready to face what lay ahead. But he barely had enough time to help his wife out of the carriage before he turned and was tightly embraced by Tristan himself. He hadn’t even seen or heard the man coming towards him, and he held his hands out to the side, shocked at what was happening. But eventually, he hugged him back, and it felt like a final weight that had encumbered him had now disappeared.

“What is this?” Bhaltair finally asked, curious, as Tristan pulled back and stared at him, still holding his hands on his shoulders.

“Dear God, braither, it has been five long years,” Tristan said.

“Aye, I ken it,” Bhaltair replied with a nod, still confused at his brother’s odd behavior.

He had no idea what to say, and so he began with the obvious, sliding his hand to Étaín’s back.

“This is me wife, Étaín Stuart.”

With a smile, Tristan turned to Étaín, and he took her hand and laid a kiss upon it. Bhaltair took the time to study his brother. He looked a little bit older. And they looked far more similar than he knew Tristan probably would have liked. He did, however, look tired.

“It is so good tae meet ye. I ken that ye are likely tired from yer journey, but there is somethin’ I must say afore ye go in.”

“Very well,” Bhaltair said slowly, unsure of what he was about to hear.

Tristan looked uncomfortable, clearing his throat before he began. “Fergive me, Bhaltair, I beg ye.”

Bhaltair blinked, and his mouth opened, but nothing came out.

“Forgive me. I was terrible tae ye, and I was angry about maither’s death, but ye didnae deserve what ye received, tae be traded fer me in Sloan Baird’s dungeons. I heard Baird died, and that his son tortured ye fer five years past.”

“Four, really,” Bhaltair corrected, trying strangely to sound cheerful. “I escaped after four, and I have been on the run since. But Euan is dead now.”

His voice was steady and calm, but he had no idea what to do with Tristan’s apology.

“Aye, true enough. I tried fer a long time tae get ye from Euan, but he never allowed it. He even killed a few of me men who went in search of ye.”

Étaín gasped and then took Bhaltair’s hand, threading her fingers through his. He knew what she wanted him to do.

“Ye did that?” Bhaltair asked.

Tristan nodded, and then he said, “But when ye ran away, I couldnae find ye, until I heard about the news of yer new lairdship. Forgive me, Bhaltair. Let us be braithers again in truth. I want tae be part of yer family.”

Bhaltair hesitated for a moment, but Étaín squeezed his hand. “Ye dae ken that we are only half-braithers now?”

“Aye.” Tristan smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Perhaps it is the reason we had such difficulty growin’ up. But what dae ye say? Braithers in truth?” He held out a hand and looked at Bhaltair eagerly.

Bhaltair turned to Étaín, who nodded smilingly at him. He was yet again on the precipice of something new and better. He knew he would regret it if he did not take this chance, and so he took his brother’s hand and shook it.

“Aye, Tristan. Braithers in truth.”

The End.

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Seduced by the Highlander’s Kiss – Bhaltair’s Scene

“Ye love me?” she asked.

“Aye, I love ye, more than life itself.”

He was now right in front of her, his arms coming out to pull her close. “I want nay one but ye,” he told her.

When her own words of love came out of her mouth, Bhaltair lost all thoughts except for being with her. He reached for her and kissed her wildly, no longer gentle, backing her up against the wall and crowding her into the space. She tasted like heaven, her soft tongue gliding along his own, little moans sounding into his mouth. His hands roamed over her soft, amazing body, and he lifted her skirts, reached down and lifted her legs so that they wrapped around her waist. He groaned as he pressed his already hardened length against the soft place between her thighs.

When she said, ‘please’, he nearly fell apart, but he gripped her bare buttocks tighter, wanting nothing more than to bury himself inside her.

“Dear God, I have wanted ye fer so long, Étaín. I have thought about this body fer longer than I can remember, bein’ inside ye, listenin’ tae yer cries of pleasure in me ear, but…” he paused, still breathing hard. “Are ye certain?” he asked.

When she responded in kind, he grinned at her, sliding his hand under her skirts where he sucked in a breath when he found her wet folds.

“Dear God, ye are so wet, lass,” he told her, his fingers sliding along her, making little whimpers come out of her mouth. It only made him harder. “Wet fer me. When ye are ready like this, it will be easier fer me tae slide inside ye and take ye just as ye want tae be taken.”

He loved the shocked look on her face, and when her mouth opened, he couldn’t resist taking her mouth again, kissing her as his fingers moved against her. She came apart with a few strokes of his thumb, and he swallowed her moans, now needing to be inside her even more. He pushed a finger inside her, drawing out her orgasm before he pushed in.

“It may hurt a little. Ye must be prepared.” He watched her face as he spread her open bit by bit, amazed that he was here now, with her, doing this.

When she leaned her head back against the wall, he took his chance to kiss the soft skin of her neck, licking and kissing it, biting playfully along the wall. Étaín was everything he had ever wanted, and he was getting drunk off her.

“Yer mouth is far too good,” she told him breathlessly, and he chuckled, looking down at her again.

Her hands moved to his shoulders, and she gasped when he thrust deeper with his fingers. “Aye, I am prepared. Anythin’ fer ye, Bhaltair, and it willnae hurt fer long. I ken that at least.”

Grinning, he removed his fingers, and he took them into his mouth. He loved the look on her face as he sucked her sweet juices from his fingers before he moved his hands to his kilt, lifting it up so that he could free himself.

“I cannae get enough of yer taste, me love,” he said, and then he was there at her entrance, sliding his length up and down her, making her whimper again.

“Please,” she said, her fingers pressing into his back, her hips moving forward until he couldn’t take it anymore.

He cursed as he pressed inside her, bit by bit. It was like he’d gone to heaven the way her sheath clamped around him tightly, softly. His hands held her waist to keep her steady as he thrust in once hard, breaking past the barrier that had kept her innocent. He paused, leaning forward so that his head was against hers.

“Are ye all right?” he asked, and she nodded.

“Aye. Ye are so big. Dinnae stop.”

He didn’t need to hear anymore. He angled her hips a bit and pulled out before he thrust once more. His eyes rolled back in his head for a moment as he savored the pleasure of it. Swearing aloud, he started to move faster, staring down into her eyes as he took her against the wall, wanting this like he had wanted nothing else in his life.

When she tightened her legs around him, he groaned aloud, and then he slowly lifted her thighs a bit higher.

“Dae ye want me deeper?” he asked against her ear before he drew it into his teeth.

“Aye!” she cried, and Bhaltair was lost.

He lifted her thighs and placed his hands under her knees to push them even higher as he thrust faster. She gasped, her eyes widening, and he could feel himself hardening even more at the depth he found inside her.

He could see and feel her pleasure building, her body slowly clamping around his every thrust into her hot, sweet, depths. He took one hand and rubbed against her once more, and she screamed, leaning her head back against the wall and coming, her body shaking all around him.

“Shite!” he said under his breath, for his own pleasure was coming soon.

With Étaín coming all over his length, he knew he would not last. After a few more thrusts, he was gone too, pressing deeply inside her as he spilled into her, breathing hard against her neck and holding her tightly against him.

“Dear God,” he said, as they shook together, still pressed tightly against the wall.

After a few moments, he leaned back to look down at her, and he took her mouth again. He had never felt such pleasure, and he knew in his soul that he never would never with anyone else.


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