The Deceived Highland Bride – Extended Epilogue


Even a character, a scene, or anything. You could say no if nothing bothered you.

Two months later…

As Laird Grant, the last two months had been blissful for him. He was wedded to the woman of his dreams, and his close friends were now soldiers in his castle. Julia and Seamus were thriving, and he made a point of visiting them often. And in turn, they had free rein to visit him whenever they wished. After the wedding, Cameron had surprised them by transferring ownership of the tavern to them. They were overjoyed, although sorry to see him go. He took pains to always have guards posted at the tavern for their safety as well as that of the patrons.

In the past few weeks, however, something had been off with Ella, and Cam was puzzled. They’d promised one another no secrets, but it seemed she was keeping one and was in fact avoiding him to hide whatever it was. He didn’t want to press her, since he fretted about losing her, but it bothered him more than he wanted to admit. He was working in his study when Blair found him to announce the arrival of his father-in-law.

“Och, good,” Cameron said, standing up, glad to be done with the study for the time being. Inside work often chafed him when he could be outside. At least in the tavern, he’d been able to move about, purchasing goods, seeing to the grounds, and talking to patrons. But now that he was often in the study, he found it gave him a crick in the neck. But his father had made things rather difficult. Laird Grant, like Laird MacPherson, had been so consumed by vengeance that he’d turned a blind eye to his tenants, farms, and his own clan, whose protection he was responsible for. Cameron had been astounded to discover that his father had failed to collect tax, and his affairs were in disarray.

“What’s wrong?” Blair queried as Cameron walked first out the door.

“What dae ye mean?” He began to itch at the question.

He knew he’d been acting irritable with his men because of the change in Ella. There was also the stress of dealing with his father’s unruly management of his men, but it was Ella that was bothered him most of all. He’d thought they were in love, that he made her happy now that she was her own woman, and far from the castle that had been a prison for so long. But he feared that something had happened to make her avoid him, although for the life of him he didn’t know what it could be.

“Ye have been sullen lately. What is chafin’ ye? Have the men been givin’ ye trouble? Just say the names, and I will take care of it like we took care of those rapin’ bastards.”

“Nae, nae, it is naething like that.” He paused in the hallway and fixed Blair with a serious look. “Have ye noticed that Ella has been actin’ differently of late? Like she’s quiet, often up in her chamber alone, and avoidin’ me it seems. I’ve been wrackin’ me brain over it and cannae figure why. I fear she doesnae care for me anymore.”

“Well, ye have been gone a lot on business,” Blair suggested. “Maybe it just seems like ye havenae seen her a lot because of that.”

“Nae,” Cameron shook his head. “I dinnae think so.”

“Why nae ask her?” Blair asked with a smirk. “Ye are man and wife now.”

“Och, I’ve turned that over in me head many a time. I could dae that, but I want tae tread carefully. With women, ye just cannae go bargin’ in demandin’ answers. Especially nae tae a woman who has been imprisoned most of her life by a worried faither, and lied tae for quite some time.”

“Aye, true enough,” Blair agreed, grimacing.

Blair had witnessed a few of Ella and Cameron’s fights over the last two months. They had gotten heated at times, and he knew Ella wanted to demonstrate that she could make her own decisions, that she knew her own mind. It was all part of marriage, and they’d always reconciled in a pleasurable manner. But this was different. She’d always been fiery, but never distant.

“Well, I suppose I must ask her, once her faither and sister are gone after his birthday celebration,” he conceded as they strode to the hallway.

Ella was already there greeting Graeme and Ada. Cameron thought he saw Blair tense at the sight of Ada, but he remained where he was, hands behind his back, like a proper man-at-arms. He and Ella would have to work on that after the celebration.

He wrapped his arm around Ella after shaking their hands. Ella tensed beneath his touch.

What is goin’ on? I’m simply flummoxed.

“Ye are most welcome,” Cameron said cheerfully. “And a happy birthday tae ye, Laird.”

“Och, thank ye. I’m getting too old for that now,” he said, chuckling.

Over the past two months, a transformation had taken over the man, and he was far happier than he’d ever been. Even his relationship with Ada had changed dramatically.

“But he still has enough breath and strength tae scold me,” Ada said, grinning.

Her eyes moved to Blair. “Good tae see ye, Blair,” she said, nodding, her cheeks coloring a bit.

“And ye, Lady Ada,” he returned with a hint of a smile. “And ye, Laird MacPherson.”

“Aye, well, I suppose we should take ye tae the main hall for a meal. Yer celebration is this evenin’.”

“Very good, very good,” the laird said, and Ella scampered out of his grasp and rushed after her sister, linking arms with her as they led the way to the hall.

“Dae ye see what I mean?” Cameron asked Blair as they followed behind. He shook his head. “Strange, that.”

“She is excited tae see her sister, nae doubt, but yer right. Them together is a force tae be reckoned with,” Blair clapped Cameron’s back. “I wish ye luck, lad.”

“Och, thanks. What good are ye?” Cameron said, striding ahead of him into the hall, wondering if he’d could focus on his father-in-law when Ella would hardly look at him.


After the meal, Ella squirreled Ada away into her private parlor. She shut the door, sighed, and leaned against it.

“I am so glad tae see ye, sister. It has been far too long. I cannae believe ye didnae visit before now!”

She sank into a chair while Ada smiled at her benignly. “I ken. Ye look well, Ella. Beautiful and lovely and happy.”

“Thank ye. Ye too.”

It was true. Ada did look very well, blooming even; far happier to be here than Ella would have expected.

“Yer happiness doesnae have anythin’ tae dae with seein’ a certain man-at-arms again, does it?” Ella teased, fishing for information.

“Nae!” Ada said, paling, picking up the bottle of wine that had been left for the two of them. “What nonsense. Now, ye must tell me all about yer life, and what it is like tae be married tae a man.”

Ella laughed, leaving the subject for now. She accepted some wine from Ada and leaned back in her chair. “I dae have a secret, and I have been unable tae figure out how tae tell Cameron.”

“What is it?” Ada asked, leaning forward. “I have been starved of gossip of late. Even if faither and I go many places together, and I am nae as locked up as before, it is often with dull people we spend our company.”

Ella wanted to laugh, but she was too worried. She put a hand to her stomach, and Ada’s eyes went there instantly.

“Ye are with child!” Ada shrieked, jumping up to lean over Ella and embrace her.

Shocked, Ella nodded. “Aye, I am. How did ye…”

“I am smarter than ye think, sister,” Ada said. “What other secret could ye have? It is nae as if ye nae longer love yer husband or wish tae leave.”

“Nae, but I am terrified tae tell Cam.”

“Why?” Ada frowned. “He will be happy, nae?”

“Aye, but takin’ over after his faither has brought him naething but struggle. His faither was a madman, and he left everythin’ tae ruin. He has been so busy and heavy laden. I dinnae wish tae burden him further.”

“It will be nae burden, Ella, ye must tell him,” Ada said kindly. “Cam is nae like faither or any man we have kent. He is kind and gentle, and he loves ye. One has only tae look in his eyes tae ken that.”

Ella nodded. She knew she was being mad, but she still worried. “I will tell him, then,” she said with a nervous nod, and they both jumped at the sharp knock at the door.

Ella went to answer it, and she saw Cameron and Blair on the other side. “Cam? Are ye all right?”

“Aye,” he said, his brow furrowed. “Can I speak tae ye, my love?”

“Of course.” Her heart fluttered nervously. She’d been acting strangely around him for weeks now, and there was nae way he hadnae noticed.

“I will take me leave,” Ada said quickly, darting into the hall next to Blair. “We can speak later.”

“But—” Ella began, but Cameron didn’t let her finish as he stepped into the room and shut the door.

“Ella, is somethin’ wrong? I couldnae wait tae ask ye any longer, for I am goin’ mad. Did I dae somethin’? Are ye angry with me? Dae ye nae love me anymore? I thought we were so happy, and now…” He began to pace, and Ella’s heart softened, her fears subsiding.

She reached for him and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. “It is nae that, Cam, me dearest love. Ye are wonderful. I am sorry I made ye feel that way.”

He was shocked, but he didn’t move away from her. She cleared her throat.

“There is some news I must share, and I was only nervous because I didnae want tae burden ye.”

“What is it?” he asked, eyes wide. and she took his hand and placed it gently on her belly. “It is early yet, but I wanted tae tell ye that I am with child. Our child. A wee bairn.”

Cam blinked for a few moments, and she was afraid he would react with fear, but then his face broke into a wide smile.

“Truly?” he asked, excited as a young boy.

“Aye,” she nodded, the weight of her secret slipping off her shoulders.

“What a blessin’!” he cried, lifting her up and spinning her about until they were both laughing. “Ella, I am sorry ye were afraid tae tell me! After ye marryin’ me, this is the best news there could ever be!” he kissed her soundly, and cupped her face in his hands, beaming.

“I ken ye have so much tae dae, and I didnae want tae add ta eyer worries, but I confess, I am happy that ye are happy.”

“Of course, I am happy, love. And thank God ye are nae leavin’ me.”

“Never,” she said and stroked his cheek. “I promise I willnae hide secrets ever again.”

“Good.” He leaned down and took her mouth again, and with a sigh of relief, she kissed him back, pulling him close.

“Ella,” he said huskily. “Are ye nae too fragile tae…”

“Nae,” she said, desperate now for him.

“Thank God. It has been too long since we touched. I didnae want tae press ye.”

“Press me now,” she said breathlessly, and he quickly lifted her skirts and picked her up, her legs wrapping around his waist.

There was no divan in her sitting room, and she was far too ready to wait until they found another suitable place to go, but the wall was handy and ready for use. He was right; he’d not touched her in recent weeks other than a kiss here and there. It had been tense and awkward, and now, their unfulfilled lust took over. She lifted her skirts even higher while Cam pulled himself out of his kilt.

They were both more than ready, and he quickly pushed inside her until she let out a moan of relief and desire. Cam whispered sweet words of love in her ear as he thrust into her, slow at first and then faster. Ella’s legs wrapped tightly around him, and he angled her hips to reach deeper inside her. Her fingers pressed into his flesh, and she threw her head back, moaning loudly as she came fervently, her body trembling around him.

When it was over, he pressed a kiss onto her neck. “I love ye, Ella.”

“And I ye. I never wish for ye tae doubt it again.”

Their interlude was swiftly interrupted by a shrill scream of fear, and Cam pulled out of her quickly, gently placing her on the ground while they both adjusted themselves.

“Dear God, could it be Ada?” Ella worried, and together they rushed from the room to the main hall.

Just then, the doors to the main hall burst open, and Blair entered with Ada in his arms.

“Dear God, what happened?” Ella said, rushing to her sister’s side.

“Och, naething. If he had hadnae scared me, I would never have fallen out of that tree.”

“Tree? What?”

Ella looked at Blair, who was grim. “She had climbed the tall tree at the back of the castle, and I came up tae warn her that the branch was weak, and she fell, screamin’ all the way. Luckily, I caught her.”

“I would have been fine if ye werenae always so fretful,” Ada said angrily, and he set her down in a chair, sparing her not a glance.

“Are ye well, lass?” her father said while Ada nodded.

“Naething is broken. I am very well. I only wanted a better view of the sea. I dinnae see why me every move should be monitored,” Ada glared at Blair.

Ella’s fear now subsided, she looked at Cameron, and in turn they both burst out laughing. Her suspicions confirmed, Ella knew then that if Ada simply stayed away from windows, castle walls, and trees, then Blair—steadfast and true—had a clear and speedy path to wedded bliss with her dear, bold, and fearless sister.

The End.

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The Highlander's Vixen

The Veiled Wish of a Highland Bride – Extended Epilogue


Two years later…

It was not so hard for Mia to transition from being the tough woman that she was into a more confident lady. One would never have thought that the pretty blonde lady who was sashaying around the dining hall ensuring the maids had put everything in place for breakfast was the same person who had no idea which was the right way to hold a sewing needle.

Mia loved being a happy wife in such a happy marriage. It pleased her to make her husband happy just as much as he made her, and preparing his breakfast was one of her favorite things to do. The table was all set now with several loaves of bread, some cured meats, porridge, fresh fruit and cheese. As she saw him come in through the door, she burst into a bright smile.

“Good morning, my laird!”

The maids were already vying for his attention, but Archie ignored them all, going to his wife instead.

“My lady,” he said, planting a kiss on her lips. “Ye should nae be standing so much or doing anything for that matter. Come, have yer seat. I tell ye, I will nae sit until ye do.”

He pulled out a chair for her right beside him. Mia could not help but roll her eyes at his tenderness.

“I am completely fine, Archie. What ye should be worrying about is yer stomach.” She signaled to a maid to bring the porridge from the far end of the table. “I made yer favorite.”

Just as Mia was about to dish some out for him, she heard a high-pitched scream that she was all too familiar with now, followed by cries. The sound only stopped to allow for little Ewan’s gasps for breath.

“I tried to calm him down, but it seems he is hungry too,” Maeve said, laughing. “He must have smelt breakfast and now wants some of his own.”

Mia’s mother was obsessed with her grandson. There was not a single passing day when she did not desire to carry him or take him on a walk in the gardens.

“Good morning, mother,” Mia smiled pleasantly at him.

“Come tend to Ewan or he will nae give us all any quiet,” Maeve teased.

They all took their seats at the long wooden table as the maids began filling up their plates and pouring them tea.

“What time is Clyde coming over?” Archibald asked, his mouth stuffed with bread.

“Aye, Clyde. That happy lad. He is coming here today?” Maeve had taken a liking to him ever since Mia had told her everything that he had done during her stay at Murray Castle. “That is quite some journey, is it nae?”

“Well, it is a bonnie morning. I’m sure it is going to be a smooth ride for him. He should be here soon, aye.” Mia knew Clyde intended to quite early this morning and join them for breakfast, or so he had said.

She had written him a letter to tell him of the good news, and he had absolutely insisted that he come to congratulate her personally. Knowing Clyde, Mia was certain he would come at first light. Right on time, they all heard a knock at the door, which opened to reveal a footman who announced the visitor’s presence.

“Och, how is my favorite lady?” Clyde exclaimed, throwing open his arms dramatically as he walked into the room.

Mia beamed.

“But first I have to greet the sweetest wee man in all of Scotland,” he said, sidestepping her and going to the other side of the table to bring Ewan into his arms. The little boy giggled as Clyde cradled him.

“How old are ye now, lad?”

Ewan merely looked at him cluelessly, smiling. He had blonde hair identical to Archibald’s, but he inherited his mother’s blue eyes. His face was a sight to behold, the object of constant fawning by every person at Ledoch Castle.

“Almost two years,” his mother answered in his stead.

“Ye’re such a big lad now, aye?” Clyde said as he handed Ewan back to an eager Maeve. “Greetings, Maeve.”

She gave a little nod and immediately started fussing over her grandchild. “Do ye ken he uses his little feet to walk around the castle and cause mayhem?”

“Is that so?” Clyde asked in disbelief. “The last time I saw him, he could barely crawl!”

“Ye have nae idea what this little lad can do if he is let loose,” Archie said.

Clyde shook his head in disbelief as he started to walk over to where Mia and Archibald were sitting, patiently awaiting him.

“I see ye now have a preference for my son over me, aye?” Mia teased.

“Nae, nae at all. Ye will always be my favorite person. I wouldn’t have almost tasted death for anyone who was nae special, ye ken.” He kissed Mia on her cheek.

“Dinnae be talking to my wife like that, Clyde, or I’ll have yer head. Would nae be so hard to do since ye are in my lands,” Archibald teased.

“I definitely would like to keep my head.” Clyde chucked, easing himself into the free seat at Mia’s left.

“How was yer trip, Laird Murray?” Maeve asked.

“Och, I am yet to get used to being called that, ye ken.” Clyde paused for a while, presumably to honor his brother. “The trip was quite calm. A pleasant change considerin’ the madness of these past weeks.”

They all nodded, knowing full well what he meant—all of them sharing the same feeling.

“Clyde, why dinnae ye tell us about your experience on the battlefield? I hear ye have taken part in so many fights,” Archie said, wanting to change the subject.

This was clearly a topic that Clyde loved.

“Aye. I have been to many battles. I fought nigh a hundred battles during my time as war chief, whether against other clans or against the Red Coats themselves. My battle scars remind me so much of my story, and I would be sure to show it to whomever cares to see.”

Clyde promptly got up and attempted to show everyone the scar he had boasted about, but Mia cut him short.

“Ye lads should have some breakfast and stop chatting so much,” she said, taking another spoonful of porridge. “Ye ken, Clyde, that we need to start looking out for a bonnie lass to be yer Lady, aye?”

Clyde swallowed hard.

“Are ye afraid?” Maeve said, sensing his discomfort. “Ye’re terrified of lassies?”

Clyde laughed her question away. Mia could see that it looked like the other men at the table felt sorry for Clyde having been cornered by the women about matters of the heart.

“The man has told me about his experience,” Mia said to Maeve, filling her in on what she knew of the story. “But I think it is time Murray Castle has a Lady again.”

Nae,” Clyde said, laughing uncomfortably. “I am certain a bonnie lass will come in due time.”

“Och, dinnae be afraid of lassies, Clyde,” Archie teased. It was obvious that Archibald found the entire situation funny. “I am married to one and I’m nae dead yet. If I can survive a Steward, ye can survive anything.”

Mia decided that she had tortured Clyde enough. The conversation could continue on another day, but for now she felt it was only right to tease him a little more.

“Ye ken, I also have quite a lot of activities planned for our guest here. He is going to start by fixing up the mill for us.”

Clyde looked horrified but in a comical way.

“Dinnae ye look at me like that,” Mia said with a smirk. “Ye ken Archie cannae go near any mill because of ye-ken-what.

“Mia!” Archibald exclaimed. “That is nae true.”

Mia knew that he was trying to mask the truth because of his pride, and she could not help but laugh at that. The rest of the table joined in with her laughter.

“Either way, I want Clyde to help with that,” she said looking pointedly at him as though daring him to refuse. “Or would ye rather I do it?”

Clyde scoffed at her, having obviously noticed the sarcasm in her last statement.

“How is the little one in there?” Clyde asked, finally getting around to the reason he had visited in the first place.

Mia blushed slightly. “She is doing fine. A little too calm these days but fine.”

Clyde gaped at her, and then turned to Archie. “What does Mia mean, ‘she’? What do ye mean ‘she’, Mia? How do ye ken it is a girl?”

She could not help but laugh at Clyde’s astonishment. “I just ken. Lasses have a way of kenning these things.”

“I think it is a bonnie male bairn again, though.” Maeve said this with so much conviction that Clyde could not help but agree with her.

“Aye! I am certain it is a boy, too. I could tell the moment I came in. With the way ye’ve been fussing over me, I am certain I am right. The lad is telling ye to be kind to me, ye ken,” Clyde said.

“Does anyone even want to ken what the father of the child wants?” Archie asked.

“Nae!” Everyone yelled at Archie’s question, and they laughed.

As they continued in their arguments, each staking their own bet, Mia observed her entire family while rubbing the little bump of her belly. She could not remember the last time she had been this happy.

Her family was her everything.

Her family was home.

The End.

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The Highlander’s Lady of Pleasure – Extended Epilogue


Two years later…

In two years, a lot had happened. Not the least of which was Allison and Keir finally realizing what everyone else had known for a long time—that they were in love with each other. In fact, their wedding was to be celebrated with a large feast that afternoon.

Allison looked beautiful in her gown, and Keir looked as dashing as ever. But Duncan couldn’t stop himself after the toasts were finished.

“So, when can we expect wee bairns o’ yers running about then?” He asked as the family all sat at the top table of the Great Hall.

“Duncan,” Elaine gasped. “Ye cannae ask such a question on their wedding day.”

Duncan shrugged, looking bewildered. “Why nae?”

Keir only laughed, shaking his head at his brother. “We’re nae all like ye, Duncan, with the ability tae produce two at the same time.”

“I think ye’ll find that was Elaine’s miracle, nae Duncan’s,” Allison cut in with a grin.

“Hey,” Duncan replied, pretending to look deeply offended. “Are ye trying tae say I had nae input in the creation of my own children?”

“Och, ye likely had some input, all right,” Keir chuckled.

Elaine has given birth to twins. A boy and a girl. While they were now just under a year old, at the time of their arrival, Duncan had been more than surprised. Elaine had told him all the way through the pregnancy that something did not feel right. She was growing far bigger than she thought she ought to be. It was only later that Allison had discovered she were to have twins and the had decided to keep it from him in case anything went wrong. But as always, Elaine had been amazing and strong and had given him two beautiful children.

Having discussed names during the pregnancy, they had decided they would name a boy after Elaine’s brother, Angus. If it was a girl, Duncan wanted to honor his mother by naming her Catriona. In the end, the children were christened with both names. Duncan had been overjoyed by their arrival. However, one evening after the children had been settled by a maid, Elaine revealed a long-held fear.

“I need tae talk tae ye about something that has been bothering me, Duncan,” she said, as they sat by the fire in the library, enjoying a needed moment of peace and quiet.

Before their wedding day, Elaine had relayed that she would never keep anything from him again. The lies and deceit that had been forced upon her by Finn Stewart had caused so much damage and had been more than dangerous. She never wanted either of them to be in that position again.

“Whatever is it, my darling?” Duncan asked, seeing by her expression that she was deeply troubled.

“Well, it has been on my mind since the babies were born,” she began tentatively, “but I havenae found the right time tae talk tae ye about it. Before me, there was Cora. And before Angus and Catriona, there was Eoin.”

Her words made him sit up and pay even more attention, for he could never have imagined this was where the conversation was going to go.

“I adore our children with every inch of my heart, but I dinnae ever want ye tae think that ye cannae talk about Eoin. Or that our children should be more important tae ye, than he was.”

Strangely, Eoin had been on his mind since their children were born. But he hadn’t told Elaine about it. Perhaps he didn’t mean to upset her, but she clearly knew him better than he thought. He should not have been surprised.

He couldn’t love her any more in that moment—love her pure and wonderful heart. “I will admit tae ye, Elaine. Eoin has been on my mind.”

“I couldnae imagine he hasnae, Duncan. He is yer firstborn son.”

“Ye are right. He is and always will be. Yet I want ye tae ken that Catriona and Angus’s arrival has only brought me such great joy. They will never replace Eoin, but then, the arrival of a child in any circumstances, doesnae replace the existence of another. The twins only add tae our family, and when they are old enough, I will tell them they once had a brother.”


The wedding had been magical, and Elaine was overjoyed for Allison who had taken quite a while to admit to herself that she loved Keir. And Elaine believed she had a hand in it. Elaine had made a point of quietly making small comments to Allison over the six months since she and Duncan had married. Allison eventually gave her a response that shocked her. “Ye have been right all along,” she had said.

The revelation came when Elaine had told her how well Allison and Keir complimented each other while they were in the castle gardens collecting herbs for Allison’s tonics. It had gotten so bad that they were even finishing each other’s sentences.

“What dae ye mean, I have been right all along?” Elaine asked to make sure.

“I am in love with Keir,” Allison said simply. “I have been since a little before yer wedding.”

“Then why has it taken ye this long tae admit it tae me?”

Allison shrugged. “I’ve been scared,” she replied. “What man wants tae spend his life beside a woman with my past?”

Elaine understood her concerns, but watching the way Keir was with her, she certainly did not share them. “I cannae put yer mind at rest, Allison, I can only tell ye what I see. When Keir is with ye, he is really with ye. Dae ye ken what I mean?”

Allison nodded. “I think so.”

“He hangs on yer every word, he gazes at ye when ye talk tae him, he watches ye when ye leave the room. That is nae a man who is bothered by yer past, Allison. This is a man who is likely contemplating his future. But I think ye need tae talk tae him and tell him how ye feel.”

Allison had initially dismissed the idea. But here they were now, enjoying a joyous wedding feast, celebrating their union and their new life together.

Later that evening, Duncan found Elaine sitting quietly by herself in the library. The raucous celebrations had worn her down, and being a sleep-deprived mother didn’t always help.

“This is where ye are hiding,” Duncan said, coming to sit beside her in the chair. “Are ye well?”

Elaine smiled warmly toward him. “I am more than well, my love. I just needed a quieter place.”

“Aye, it is getting a little mad down there. The men are now singing clan songs, badly, I might add.”

He reached over and took her hand in his, and Elaine looked down, noticing the ring that had caused all that trouble so long ago.

“Dae ye think it really has any powers?” she asked, gazing at it.

“Och, nae. It is folktales, passed down from father tae son. That is all.”

“I disagree,” Elaine said, shaking her head. “If it had nae been for this ring, ye and I would never have found each other.”

Duncan shrugged. “Well, when ye put it that way, then perhaps yer right.”

“And we wouldnae have two wonderful children together.”

“Indeed, we wouldnae,” he agreed again.

“Nor would I be able tae happily tell ye that there is a third on the way,” she said, beaming a delighted grin.

Duncan suddenly stood and grabbed her hands, pulling Elaine to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to his body. “I have said it before, my dear wife. Yet, I will say it again. I dinnae ken what I did tae deserve ye, but I am glad I did it, all the same.”

He then hooked his finger under her chin and kissed her tenderly. Elaine let herself sink into his embrace, delight and desire sloshing around her like they always did beneath his tender kiss. Neither of them knew what the future held, but from where they stood at the time, it seemed happy, full of love, and brimming with joy.

The End.

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The Scot I’ve Always Loved – Extended Epilogue


Two years later…

“He’s asleep already,” Sophia whispered to her husband.

Kendrick was holding their son in his arms, rocking him back and forth on the dark walnut chair in their nursery. Each time she watched them, she smiled to herself. They had named their baby Fergus after Kendrick’s father.

“Is he?” Kendrick replied. “I’m nae even done with my story.”

Sophia could not resist laughing at her husband. The child was barely over a year old, yet he repeated their love story to him every night.

“Husband of mine…” She struggled to stop smiling. “The bairn does nae even understand yer story yet. Save it for when he is older.”

“Do ye nae ken, wife?” Kendrick asked seriously. “As my son and future laird himself, he must learn certain skills early. Listening skills are o’ dire importance.”

“I suppose ye’ll take him to hunt with ye and the men come tomorrow, too.”

“If I must,” Kendrick muttered as if realizing how funny he sounded. “Little laird…”

Sophia raised herself from the fur chair that had once been in Kendrick’s room that now was their son’s. The moment she tried to take Fergus from her husband, the babe opened his blue eyes that looked just like his father’s. Then his mouth twisted in a funny way, and Sophia knew what would come next—he would start crying.

She gave up, leaving Kendrick with his son. “There, there, my boy.” He patted his back then resumed rocking on the chair. “Dinnae mind yer mama.”

Sophia could not help but grin at the sight of the bond between father and son. “Ye ken, husband,” she mused, “I’m starting to doubt I birthed that wee lad in yer arms.”

“Ach, and why so?” Kendrick teased with a boyish grin.

Sophia feigned a frown. “He favors ye more.” She walked back to her chair and rested down on it. “Look at the dark curls on his bonny head, he has yer eyes and bruteness too.”


“Aye, husband—ye’re a brute and so is yer wee son,” she taunted him further.

“Maybe his sister will look just like ye.”

Sophia rubbed her hand over her belly. “We dinnae ken if ‘tis a lass.”

Kendrick shook his head. “’Tis definitely a bonny wee lass.”

Sophia let out a laugh. Her husband definitely had a way of being stubborn. Most often… he was wrong.

Sophia sat up straight. “Kendrick?”

“Aye,” Kendrick answered trying to fix the brooch on Fergus’s plaid blanket. It was the same brooch he had given her on their wedding night.

“Lorena and Reed are getting married only a month from now,” she reminded him. “We haven’t thought of a gift for them.”

“Oh, dinnae worry, my wife. I’ve thought of one already.”

“Is that so?” Sophia felt relaxed again. “What gift did ye think of?”

“A wee cozy cottage of their own.” He lifted his head to look at Sophia. “Certainly, that’s the most important gift for a newly wedded couple.”

Sophia’s worry vanished. “Ye are so thoughtful.”

Mrs. Brown walked in just then and bowed before them.

Sophia took a quick breath. “Ye came just in time. The bairn would nae let me separate him from his father, but I suppose he’s deeply asleep now.”

“Then, may I take him, milady?”

“Indeed, ye can.” Sophia motioned to her husband who appeared reluctant to give his son away. “Thank ye for coming to take him.”

Mrs. Brown reached to take the child, and he placed a kiss on his son’s forehead before handing him to her.

As Mrs. Brown left the room, taking Fergus to be fed, Kendrick straightened himself up from the chair. He made his way to Sophia, caressed her neck a little, and started rubbing her shoulders.

Sophia let out small, contented moans. Her bad ached so much, and God knew a massage was all she had craved for through the day.

Kendrick suddenly stopped. “Ye ken, wife,” he said, “Reed and Lorena never told us how they fell in love.”

Sophia turned to her him. “That is true,” she agreed. “They never did. Perhaps… was it at the feast?”

“Nae,” Kendrick replied. “Reed still had a wee bit of boyish infatuation for ye then.”

The words choked laughter out of Sophia. “Infatuation? For me?”

“I probably should nae have said that,” Kendrick said shamefully.

Sophia laughed again. “Aye, ye should nae have. I could’ve lived a lifetime without having to ken about it.” She yawned. “My mother must be so stressed with the preparations. Poor Mama…”

Kendrick started massaging her again. “Yer mama has Emilea to help her—dinnae worry about her.”

“But…” She tried to twist her neck back to face Kendrick, but he softly turned her face back.

“Dinnae but me, wife. Yer mama will do just fine. All ye have to bother about is yerself and that wee one yer carrying.”

“Ye ken,” she reached for Kendrick’s hand behind her neck, “Yer such a good husband and father.”

“Am I?” She heard Kendrick swallow. “Sometimes, I feel I dinnae deserve to have so much. I was an awful son to my father.”

“What happened with yer father was nae yer fault, Kendrick.” She caressed the back of his hand. “I am certain yer father is happy simply for the fact that ye are happy.”

Kendrick walked in front of her and kneeled. “Even me?”

“Especially ye. Yer wonderful, Kendrick.” She rubbed his face softly. “Aye, absolutely wonderful.”

“Did ye hear that, daughter?” he asked, rubbing Sophia’s belly. “Yer mama thinks I am a wonderful father,” he pressed his ear to her stomach. “I think she can hear me,” he whispered.

“She kicked!” Sophia exclaimed. “I think she heard ye too! See? Even she will favor ye because yer the best father.”

“Tis because I have a wife like ye, Sophia.” He took the back of her hand and kissed it. “Yer God’s blessing to me.”

“Aye… as ye are to me.”

They both smiled, filling the room with their long-deserved laughter.

The End.

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Craving a Highland Sinner – Extended Epilogue


“Can ye help me with the broth?” Alana asked with a huff. It was getting difficult to move around. “When did I get this big? I cannae dae anything I want anymore,” she grumbled and sat back on the chair. She sighed at the relief she got from staying off her legs. She had also been getting lots of backaches lately.

Isla chuckled and poured some soup into a bowl. “Ye should be happy it will soon be over. Ye were nae like this with the twins,” she teased.

Alana rolled her eyes. “They were nae this big nor gave me issues with me body.”

Time passed so quickly, and the pregnancy of that time had resulted in two beautiful girls. She could still remember how happy she had felt in finally being able to see her children. It hadn’t compared to Kai’s happiness. That man had been the proudest father around, always talking about his two lassies. Ever since their birth, he showered lots of love and attention on them.

She had once teased him that they would grow on him and might never leave him. He hadn’t minded and replied, saying he preferred them to know they had someone who loved them most in the world. It would make him sad if his daughters looked to someone else for validation of love. She had understood what he meant. What had happened all those years ago popped up once in a while, and in their various ways, they were trying to avoid a repetition of such.

Here again, four years later, they were expecting another addition to the family. Alana didn’t even know if she was truly eager to see the baby or just wanted relief from how she was feeling. Her first pregnancy didn’t give her many issues, contrary to various pregnancy stories she had heard. She had been the envy of every other expecting mother.

But life got even with her at the second trial. She wished she had taken more time to enjoy it. It only made her wonder if it would be a boy. Their duty was already being cut out for them before birth.

Isla laughed at her words. “It is all part o’ the process. It is the end result that matters, after all.”

“It does have some advantages tae it. My skin feels brighter and food tastes much better.” Alana moaned as she scooped another spoon of broth into her mouth.

She shrugged and took more bread. Maybe she shouldn’t worry about it this time too. She looked up to see Isla watching her with amusement.

“Isnae me fault. The baby wants more,” she defended herself.

Isla chuckled, “Of course. You can have all ye want.”

She rolled her eyes and took a sip of water. “By the way, I have nae seen the twins an’ their faither since I woke up for lunch. Where are they?”

Isla titled her head to the side, “I dinnae know ‘bout—”

Speaking of which, their arrival was announced with a loud squeal, interrupting Isla’s response. Alana turned around to see her beautiful husband with their lassies, one on his shoulder and the other clutching his hand. She smiled at the thought of them being her safe haven, her home. When the one on his shoulder tugged at his hair, Kai made a silly face. They all burst out laughing. They were both adorable and mischievous.

Their names were Catriona and Fiona, named after Alana’s sister and Kai’s mother respectively. The bairns had been a gift to them, and Alana never stopped showing gratitude you to the fates. She got all she had ever wanted. Everything was a blessing. And with another blessing on the way, there was nothing more she could ask for.

Kai dropped the lasses and gave them a final tickle which kept them distracted enough for him to kiss Alana. When they recovered from their laughing fits, they also ran towards the table and planted a kiss on each of her cheeks.

She smiled and patted their heads in adoration.

“What have ye both been up tae?” she asked.

“Faither said he was going tae take us fishing. We have been looking at the tools,” Catriona explained. “I will get me own fishin’ rod, Mama. An’ I will catch many fish,” she squealed in excitement. Unlike her sister, Catriona was always impressed by little things and very eccentric.

“That’s nice tae ken. Maybe I will come along.” She smiled and looked up at Kai.

“Will it hurt the baby?” Fiona asked in worry, always thinking ahead of possible situations.

“Dinnae worry yer little head ‘bout that. Mama an’ the baby are fine,” Kai answered on her behalf. “How ‘bout ye both play in the courtyard?”

The girls didn’t hesitate, and she knew they’d go around forcing everyone to play with them. They were the castle’s princesses. They kissed Alana and dashed out of the great hall.

“An’ how are ye doing this fine afternoon, milady?” Kai asked, drawing her attention back to him. He placed another kiss on her lips. “Ye were sleeping when I came by earlier.”

“Tired but happy now that ye are here,” she whispered with a smile.

“I hope the baby is nae tirin’ ye more than usual,” his voice was laced with worry. He circled his hand over her belly and caressed it.

“There is naething I can do ‘bout it,” she replied. “It will all soon be over.”

Kai crouched and kissed her stomach. “I cannae wait tae meet him.”

She caressed his scalp and chuckled. “One would have thought ye would be kept busy with the twins. Is it nae too early tae start going on fishing trips?”

Kai settled on the chair beside her. “The earlier the better. I want tae have lots o’ memories with them as well as pass down many practices my faither thought me.”

Alana looked at Kai in adoration. He was the most sensitive and loving father she had met in her life. Perhaps it was because he came from a similar background, but he now knew more and was eager to learn. Despite everything, she knew he was acting this way because of one fear.

“Ye are different, Kai,” she said softly to get his attention. “I ken ye are doing all this tae try tae make up for all that went wrong in the past but ye will nae make such mistakes. I love ye this way, an’ I ken the girls dae as well. Dinnae worry tae much ‘bout probabilities.”

“I am glad that I will always have ye by me side,” he breathed, kissing her temple.

“Always,” Alana promised.

“I cannae wait tae see how the bairn will be,” Isla chipped in. She was smiling at them. “Looking at how everything is, I wouldnae be surprised if the bairn will have a temper calmer than the twins.”

Alana and Kai shared a glance and chorused, “We shall see.”

Alana smiled as she rubbed her stomach. She had a suspicion that this bairn would not be calmer. But it would all be revealed soon.

And two months later, the heir to the MacAdam lairdship was born: Ian Maverick MacAdam. It was the start of another adventure.

The End.

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